An Appeal to Governments Members of NATO


Ever since 1991 Women in Black against War from Belgrade have been actively working for peace and non violence. The policy which characterizes Women in Black against War begins with confronting with every form of violence, war, militarism, nationalism. Since 1991 the biggest casualty on the territory of Former Yugoslavia has been the civilian population. It is happening again now.

Values which we are supporting are life, solidarity, respecting of differences. For 8 years already we have been developing a network of exchange and solidarity against war which involves women from all the continents, among them are of course, also women from countries of NATO.

As a women's organization which has always been engaged against militarism, that is, against all forms of military intervention, this time too it is against the military intervention of NATO against FRY.

Until now we have always had support and solidarity from women's and peace movement in Europe and USA. Unfortunately, the governments of these countries didn't take into account the work of the peace movements in their countries let alone the activity of the peace movement in FRY.

We, Women in Black against War from Belgrade demand from the governments members of the NATO:

  • To stop immediately the bombings on the territory of FRY
  • To establish the peace negotiations and an international peace conference on Balkans
  • To enable the refugees, expelled and displaced population from kosovo, if they wish to, to come back or go to third countries

We demand from Women in Black and all women's peace organizations to give this appeal to their governments.

Human rights and democracy cannot be imposed by bombs and weapons but can only be instigated by negotiations and support to all powers which are firmly for human rights and democracy.

BELGRADE 20th April 1999
[signed by 10 Serbian NGOs]
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