Prisoners for Peace Honour Roll 1998

1 December is International Prisoners for Peace Day, and every year War Resisters' International invites supporters to send greetings cards to prisoners. The Honour Roll includes those imprisoned for conscientious objection to military service and for nonviolent action against war preparations.
Each year the day has a focus on a particular region or campaign: this year we highlight political prisoners in Indonesia, East Timor and West Papua.


There are no legal provisions for conscientious objection, for religious or any other reason. Military service lasts two years. Several Jehovah's Witnesses are known to have been sentenced for "draft evasion":

* John Martirosian (in 09/97 -- out 02/99)
Objector, Jehovah's Witness.
* Tigran Petrossian (in 08/97 -- out 02/99)
Objector, Jehovah's Witness.
* Samvel Manukian (in 07/97 -- out 05/00)
Objector, Jehovah's Witness, reported to have been severely beaten.
All three are held in:
g Kosh, ITK, Nachalniku, Armenia.

* Yerem Nazaretian (in 11/97 -- out 10/99)
Objector, Jehovah's Witness.
* Andranik Kosian (in 01/98 -- awaiting trial)
Jehovah's Witness. Was first arrested in November 1993 following his refusal to perform military service on religious grounds. He escaped, was re-arrested and sentenced in March 1997 to one year's imprisonment for "draft evasion". He was amnestied in April 1997, but forcibly removed to a military unit in June 1997. He escaped again and was re-arrested in January 1998. He is reported to have been severely beaten and is awaiting the outcome of a second medical examination (because of a heart condition) and trial for "evading military service".
Both are held in:
g Yerevan, Sovetashenskoyeshosse 20, SIZO, Nachalniku, Armenia.

* Karen Voskanian (in 09/98 -- expected out 04/01)
Objector, Jehovah's Witness
g Gyumri, SIZO, Nachalniku, Armenia.


* Stellan Vinthagen (BT8233)
HM Prison Preston, 2 Ribbleton Lane, Preston PR1 5AB, Britain.
(in 13/09/98)
* Ann-Britt Sternfeldt (BE8971)
* Annika Spalde (BE8940)
HM Prison, 617 Warrington Road, Risley, near Warrington, Cheshire WA3 6BP, Britain.
(both in 13/09/98)
All three Swedish activists were arrested on 13/09/98 within the perimeter of the Barrow-in-Furness shipyard, in northern England, where they had begun to dismantle military equipment. Calling themselves "Bread not Bombs Plowshares", they acted separately from -- but in cooperation with -- the Trident Ploughshares 2000 Campaign. Currently on remand. Their trial is expected in early 1999.


* Tihomir Campanello
For information and to send support messages, contact:
(Objector, faces arrest)
Tihomar has worked in Switerland for several years and he is currently studying at the University in Zagreb. He was registered in the military files of the now-defunct Yugoslav People´s Arrmy (YPA), but was never called up, not even after the YPA was replaced by a Croatian Army. The Croatian authorities noticed their 'mistake' when Tihomir asked for his passport to be renewed. His request was denied and he was sent to a medical check-up, prior to call up. Tihomir got information about conscientious objection from NGOs and decided to apply for CO status. However, he was told he should join the army by 11 November, even though his case would not be decided until later. He refused to do so and could be arrested anytime. He is considering going on hunger strike if he is incorporated by force into the army.


At present there are five total objectors in Finnish jails. Only one wants to receive letters.

* Harri Pölönen
Pohjois-Karjalan lääninvankila, PO Box 17, 82201 Hammaslahti, Finland.
(in 30/6/98 -- out 16/1/99)
Total resister jailed in the Northern Karelia District, near the Russian border, together with one other total resister. There are many nazi skinheads in that prison..


* Sönke Müller
zZt im Arrest, 15/LwAusbRgt 1, Hamburger Str 162, 25746 Heide, Germany;

orc/o Die Desertöre, Nernstweg 32, 22765 Hamburg, Germany.
(arrested 03/09/98)
Total resister. After protesting in front of military barracks, he presented himself to the military authorities for induction, but refused to obey orders, wear a uniform, or give his personal information. Sentenced on 6 November to a fourth period of 21 days. He will probably be released before December. However, he is likely to face a civilian tribunal for further sentencing.

* Jörg Eichler
Total resister. A warrant for arrest has been issued against him, after he refused to present himself to the military authorities in Pfreimd, Bavaria, on 1 July 1998. On 1 August another total objector, Michael Fücker, went to the barracks with Jörg's call-up papers. The army arrested him and did not notice their mistake until the following day, when Jörg and other protesters organised a demonstration. Jörg himself was arrested on 5 November in Dresden and is expected to be held in jail for some weeks until his trial for desertion.


* Budiman Sudjatmiko (13years)
PRD chairman.
* Ignatius Damianus Pranowo (9years)
* Gusti Agung Anom Astika (4 years)
* Petrus Haryanto (8 years)
* Suroso (7 years)
* Yakobus Eko Kurniawan (8 years)
PRD members.
* João Freitas da Camara (10 years)
East Timorese, organised a protest against the Santa Cruz massacre, 1991.
All the above prisoners are held in:
LP Cipinang, Jakarta, Indonesia.

* Dita Indah Sari (5 years)
PRD member, union organiser.
* Garda Sembiring (12 years)
PRD member.
Both held in:
LP Tangerang, Jakarta, Indonesia.

* Don AL Flassy
* Agustinus Ansanai
* Baas Yufuwai
* Laurence Mehuwe
* Sam Yaru
West Papuans, tried to organise a dialogue on the territory's political status; charged with "rebellion" and "slander"; all awaiting trial.
* Theys Eluay
West Papuan. Charged with "rebellion", "slander", and "association with organisations which have intent to commit crimes".
All are believed to be held in:
Kapolda Irian Jaya, Jayapura, Irian Jaya / West Papua, (Indonesia).

* Francisco Miranda Branco (15 years)
East Timorese, made banners for march to Santa Cruz cemetery, 1991.
* Gregorio da Cunha Saldanha (life)
East Timorese, helped organise march to Santa Cruz cemetery in 1991.
* Jacinto das Neves Raimundo Alves (10years)
East Timorese, organised a protest against the Santa Cruz massacre, 1991.
* Saturnino da Costa Belo (9 years)
EastTimorese, helped organise march to Santa Cruz cemetery in 1991.
All are being held in:
LP Semarang, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.


* Mordechai Vanunu
Ashkelon Prison, PO Box 17, Ashkelon, Israel.

Kidnapped in Italy in 1986, sentenced in 1988 to 18 years for exposing Israel's nuclear programme. Was in solitary confinement until early 1998.

* Yehuda Igos
For more information, contact
Conscientious objector. Anarcho-pacifist student, who applied to the army´s commission on exemption on ground of conscience. His application was refused without explanation. He is currently in prison and should be released soon, but there is a risk he might be sent back to jail afterwards.


* Grigory Pasko
No address available.
Military journalist and nuclear whistleblower under arrest for espionage -- in custody since 11/97.

* Vadim Nazarov (in 29/04/98, 12 months)
c/o Antimilitarist Radical Association, Ul Trubnaja 25-2-49, 103051 Moscow, Russia.

Conscientious objector, Jehovah's Witness.


Three objectors, who were refused the option of doing an alternative service, are believed to be in jail currently, but we could not obtain their names and prison addresses. According to the 1995 Civilian Service Act, applications for conscientious objector status and alternative service can only be made within two weeks of the first call up, usually done when people are 17. In practice, this time limit seriously reduces the right to conscientious objection. In addition, substitute service lasts 24 months, twice the length of military service, and is administered by the Ministry of Defence.


On 14 October, the Spanish government granted a pardon to the last 20 total resisters still in jail for refusing to do their military or civilian service. However, three "insumisos", who took part in MOC's "Insumisión in the barracks" campaign, remain in a military prison, in 3rd grade. Five other MOC members, from Bilbao and Iruña, have also declared their objection after starting their military service. Three have been sentenced and are facing arrest. The other two will be tried shortly by a military tribunal.

* Elías Rozas Álvarez
* Ramiro Paz Correa
*Plácido Ferrándiz Albert
Prision Militar de Alcalá, Ctra Alcalá-Meco, km 5, 28805 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, State of Spain.

Total objectors, in 08/97.

* Alberto Estefanía
* Unai Molinero
* José Ignacio Royo

Contact: c/o KEM-MOC, Iturribide 12-1º D, 48005 Bilbao, Euskadi, State of Spain.
Facing arrest.

* Alberto Isaba Lacabe
* Jesús Belascoain Equisoain
c/KEM-MOC Iruña, Apdo 1126, 31080 Iruña, State of Spain.

Trials on 11/11 and 25/11/98.


* Osman Murat Ülke (in23/10/97)
1 Taktik Hava Kuvvetleri Komutanligi, Askeri Cezaevi, Eskisehir, Turkey.
(currently undergoing transfer)
Total resister sentenced to 10 months and a fine on 23/10/97 on charges of "desertion" and "continued disobedience". He has faced several trials and many months in prison since then. He was released from the military prison mid-November, but was kept in the recruitment office for a few days, waiting to be sent back to 'his' military unit under escort. ISKD activists are hoping to be able to visit him on 20 November at the military barracks. This is a very hard blow for Osman, who is caught in a seemingly endless spiral of trials and detention. ISKD is currently considering what type of actions (if any) might be most appropriate in this situation. For more information, contact


The right to be a CO is not legally recognised, and there are no provisions for subtitute service. There are currently two Jehovah's Witnesses known to be in prison.

* Roman Sidelnikov (in 06/98 -- out 05/00)
g Chardzhau, ITU, Nachalniku, Turkmenistan.

Sentenced to two years conditionally in May 1996 for refusing call-up papers, but amnestied six months later. Sentenced in June 1998 to two years' imprisonment for "draft evasion".

* Oleg Voronin (in 09/98 -- expected out 10/03)
g Gushgi, IT Uvoennogo naznacheniya, Nachalniku, Turkmenistan.
Sentenced to five and a half years' imprisonment for "evading military service", after he was forcibly removed to a military unit. He is believed to have been severely beaten and to have been refused a lawyer. No one has had access to Oleg Voronin since his detention in Gushgi military prison.


* Susan Crane (#87783-011)
FCI Dublin Unit A, 5701 8th St, Dublin, CA 94568, USA.
(in 14/02/97, 27 months)
* Steve Kelly SJ (#00816-111)
LSCI Allenwood, PO Box 1000, White Deer, PA 17887, USA.
(in 14/02/97 -- out 6/99)
Susan and Steve -- members of the Prince of Peace Plowshares -- were convicted of conspiracy and $28,000 damage to government property after they hammered and poured blood on the Tomahawk cruise launching system installed on the USS The Sullivans in Maine. There were also sentenced to two years' supervised release/probation, and a $4000 restitution fine.

* Kathy Boylan
* Sr Ardeth Platte
* Sr Carol Gilbert
Kent County Detention Center, Unit A, 104 Vickers Dr, Chestertown MD 21620, USA.

(in 17/05/98)
* Fr Frank Cordaro
* Fr Larry Morlan
Charles County Jail, PO Box 1430, La Plata, MD 20646, USA.

(in 17/05/98)
All five are members of "Gods of Metal Plowshares" and were arrested for their disarming of a B-52 bomber. Convicted of damage to property on 22/09/98 and awaiting sentencing in January 1999.

* John Patrick Liteky (#83725-020)
(2 years, out 06/2000)
FPC Sheridan, PO Box 6000, Sheridan, OR 97378-6000, USA.

Sentenced for several blood pouring protests against the School of the Americas (at the Pentagon on 29/09 and 20/10/97 and at Ft Benning on 25/02/98).

* Richard Streb (#88113-020)
(6 months, out 03/99)
FPC Beckley, POB 350, Beaver WV 25813, USA.
Arrested for repeated trespass at the School of the Americas, Ft Benning.

* Kathleen Rumpf (#02117-052)
(in 23/07/98; six months)
Danbury Prison, Pembroke Station, Rt 37, Danbury, CT 06811-3099, USA.
* Fr Bill Bichsel SJ (#86275-020)
(in 10/98, 12 months)
FPC Sheridan Unit 5, PO Box 6000, Sheridan, OR 97378-6000, USA.
* Sr Marge Eilerman OSF (#88106-020)
(in 10/98, 12 months)
FPC Lexington, 3301 Leestown Rd, Lexington KY 40511, USA.
* Ed Kinane(#86279-020)
(in 10/98, 10 months)
FPC Allenwood, POB 1000, Montgomery, PA 17752, USA.
* Mary Trotochaud (#88102-020)
(in 10/98, 8 months)
FPC Alderson, Box A, Alderson Women's Prison, Alderson, WV 24910, USA.
All five activists were sentenced for altering a School of the Americas sign on 29/09/97.

* Daniel Sicken (#28360-013)
* Oliver Sachio Coe(#28361-013)
Federal Detention Center, Unit A, 9595 W Quincy Ave, Littletown, CO 80123, USA.
(both in 08/98 -- awaiting sentencing on 20/01/99)
Members of "Minuteman III Plowshares", who acted on 06/08//98 at a nuclear silo near Greeley, Colorado. Found guilty of conspiracy to destroy national defence property; intent to damage/destroy national defence property (sabotage); and destruction of government property. Were taken into custody after they told the judge they would not promise to return for sentencing in January 1999 and their bond was revoked. An assurance bond of $5000 was imposed.


* Pavle Bozic (in 11/97, 12 months)
8 Paviljon, KP Dom Zabela, 12 000 Pozarevac, Serbia, FR Yugoslavia.
Nazarene Christian. Refused to do military service on religious grounds. His request for alternative civilian service was granted on 30 October 1997, but he was ordered to report to Karadjordjevo military unit. He refused to carry out his alternative service in a military institution and was arrested a few days later and sentenced on 23/02/98 to one year's imprisonment for "failure or refusal to carry out an order". This is the second time Pavle has been imprisoned for refusing to carry out military service. In 1993, he was sentenced to 9 months' imprisonment, of which he served six.

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