Ideas for action

  • On 1 December, put aside at least one hour and write at least four cards to prisoners;
  • If possible, invite friends around and make an evening of it -- remember to bring nice cards, pens, photos, and some money for postage;
  • Get your peace group or class or place of worship to organise a card-writing session;
  • Set up a stall in your town centre -- make a mock prison cell to highlight the plight of the prisoners.

Sending cards and letters

  • Always send your card in an envelope;
  • Include a return name and address on the envelope;
  • Be chatty and creative: send photos from your life, drawings;
  • Tell prisoners what you are doing to stop war and war preparations;
  • Don't write anything that might get the prisoner into trouble;
  • Think about the sort of thing you'd like to receive if you were in prison;
  • Don't begin, "You are so brave, I could never do what you have done";
  • Don't expect the prisoner to reply;
  • Remember -- next year it could be you...

If you get an interesting reply from a prisoner, please send a copy to the WRI office, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DX, England.

If your card is returned, send it to the appropriate embassy in your country, with a request that it be forwarded to the prisoner.

Programmes & Projects

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