Dear Sisters,


The War Resisters’ International’s (WRI) Triennial this year promises to be the best ever, and an opportunity to meet activists from all over the world. Organized in cooperation with the Anti-War Campaign Croatia (ARK), September 19-24, the theme is “Choosing Peace Together”. The venue will be along the beautiful Istrian coast, in Porec, Croatia. ARK is organizing a fantastic child care program, and there will be a free afternoon on September 23 (ARK will supply a list of possible activities and visits.

A theme group on “Women Cross the Lines” will be offered, beginning at 10:30, every day. An exciting group of resource women and activists will be meeting to look at women’s peace initiatives, to help WRI develop and integrate an appropriate gender perspective in its work for nonviolence and social empowerment, conflict resolution and nonviolent civilian intervention; and to strategize about the future goals and aims of the WRI Women’s Working group.

Part of the first day’s program will include a short history of the WRI Women’s Working Group by long-time activist Ellen Elster, especially to help welcome new women. Throughout the theme days, there will be an international speakers, lots of time for questions and discussion, and exercises specifically designed to help understand each other’s work and needs.

One special feature of this triennial will be a Gender Theme Day on the third day, with discussions at plenaries and in smaller groups on important issues such as challenges for cooperation across the gender divide, and developing a gender perspective throughout all of WRI’s work. There will be time to reflect on this discussion the next day, and on the issues that were raised, such as identity, gender and war, conflicts, civilian intervention, nonviolent and social empowerment. In what way can this work help us to build/develop a peace movement which take into account gender issues?

The last meeting of the theme group will involve strategizing for future WRI women’s work. What does this imply for the suggested Strategic Plan?

Sign up now. Help spread the word by ordering more information about the Triennial (leaflets are available in English, Croatian, German and Spanish) from the WR1 international secretariat. You can also help by fundraising for or inviting resource people (Saswati Roy from Swadhina in India and many more) for speaking tours in your country a few days before or after the Triennial. Contact: WRI, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX, England. Tel. +44 171 278-4040 fax 278-0444); email:

Shelley Anderson

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