WRI staff arrested for compiling Prisoners for Peace list!


Well, okay... not exactly. So far, we are still safely in our seats. But if we were in Tibet, it could be a very different story. A 60-year-old tailor and a 58 year-old businessman were sentenced to nine and six years respectively after a court found them guilty of putting together a list of cur-rent and released Tibetan prisoners. They were convicted of espionage, since their alleged intention was to send the list abroad. Apparently one of the men had committed the "crime" of passing this letter on to another Tibetan for delivery to India. Though the men were convicted last year, Information about their arrest and trial has only become available in the past month.

The situation in Tibet was the focus of Prisoners for Peace In 1996. Unfortunately, it could easily have provided enough material to be the focus of this year's as well. For more information, contact. Tibet Information Network, 188-196 Old St, London EC1, Britain (tel+44 171 814 9011; fax:814 9015; email tinadmin@gn.apc.org).

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