Timorese in prison in Britain for BAe trespass


On Friday 14 November six East Timorese refugees were remanded to a prison in Preston in the north of England, awaiting trial on charges of "trespass" following an action at British Aerospace's nearby Werton factory.

The six were arrested on 12 November along with three British activists after they climbed into the factory as a protest against the export of BAe Hawk warplanes to Indonesia. All six refused to give the police their names and were held in police cells for two days, before being remanded to prison.

The British activists, who eventually gave their names and addresses, were released on bail - on charges of trespass and obstruction.

If Interpol, the courts, the police, the immigration or prison authorities are able to identify any of them, then there Is a possibility that they will be released on bail. Letters of support will be forwarded to them whether they are in prison or not. Collective letters/cards of support should be addressed to "Los Palos Six"; individual letters/cards should be addressed to Anonymous One, Anonymous Two, Anonymous Three, Anonymous Four, Anonymous Five and Anonymous Six: do Catholic Worker, 1 Home Street, Liverpool L8, Britain. For more information:.

Liverpool Catholic Worker, 1 Home Street, Liverpool LO, Britain (tel +44 151 264 8741; email stephen@gn.apc.org).


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