Aegis Plowshares activists in court


Three US peace activists - Audrey Stewart, Jessica Stewart and Steve Cohen -acting in solidarity with the recently imprisoned Prince of Peace Plowshares [see page v), boarded the Aegis destroyer US Mahan at the Bath Iron Works, Maine, USA on 10 November. They spattered the ship with their own blood, scattered flowers and left statements declaring their stance against the Aegis destroyers and all other weapons of mass destruction. "One Aegis has the capability to destroy an entire continent," they said. "We find the construction and uses of these ships to be an unspeakable crime." The three are due to appear in Bath Court on 3 December, to answer charges of criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

Messages of support to: Jonah House, 1301 Moreland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21216, USA (tel +1 410 233 6238; email

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