Preservatives for prisoners!

As well as being Prisoners for Peace Day, 1 December is now World AIDS Awareness Day. Insumisión Rosa (Pink Resistance), the gay group in MOC-Madrid, hand out the following text:

Since objectors have been going to prison, we have denounced the treatment of people deprived of their liberty and of prison rules which block the flee circulation of syringes and condoms.

We call for the implementation of Article 60 of the constitution, so that those terminally m with AIDS will be free to live their final days as they wish. Twenty six per cent of the prison population carry the HIV virus. AIDS-related illnesses such as tuberculosis are spread with minimal prevention.

Now, with the new system of inhabilitación (instead of imprisoning total resisters, barring them from employment in the public sector), they try to keep us tar away from any kind of social work. They don't want nurses, teachers, doctors, social workers to be the kind of disobedient people who will criticise the system and bring to light the shameful marginalisation in which many people live.

The budgets have been cut in the fields that can do most to prevent AIDS - education, culture, social assistance - and in Its treatment - health - while expenditure on military research and industry has increased in order to professionalise the army and to become part of the integrated military structure of NATO.

As objectors and insumisos, we criticise, protest,, raise consciousness, act in solidarity and, of course, disobey. Take syringes and condoms to prison! if you work as a volunteer against AIDS, don't accept those compelled to do substitutory service in your organisation! Shift military spending to social ends!
lnsumisión Rosa, clo MOC, c/San Cosme y San Damian 24-2~, 28012 Madrid, State of Spain.

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