Proposal for a series of consultations with armed struggle movements

The proposal is to hold a series of consultations with movements engaged ii' armed struggle or who have recently quit armed struggle. These consultations would he held in different countries, and would be documented afterwards. They would happen over a period of time, say a three-year period, to build up the trust necessary for a real dialogue. In view of recent transitions from armed struggle by a number of movements, either through their success or changes in conditions and a switch in strategy, the discussions should pose questions about what was gained through armed struggle that could not he achieved trough non-military means

As WRI tends to concentrate mainly on State militarism, such a consultation would develop its analysis and ability to respond to violence organised by non-state bodies.

A fuller proposal about procedure will be elaborated, and then discussed by the WRI Executive and the WRI Council. Adequate funds should be raised to em-ploy one full-time staffperson to work on this project before embarking on organising any of the consultations.

Contact: Howard Clark, at WRI office.

Proposal for an update project on conscription and CO laws in the world

The goal is to make a descriptive survey of the military service regulations in all countries in the world. The survey should draw up country by country profiles on laws and regulations as regards conscription, conscientious objection and substitutory service. Furthermore it should be a practical handbook and therefore describe the actual practice of achieving a CO status.

The survey would he carried out by a full-time researcher and should take 6 to 7 months to complete. Bart Horeman has offered to work on the project and be responsible for fundraising in the Netherlands.

Contact: Bart Horeman, at Vereiniging Dienstweigeraars (VD), postbus 94802, Sparrenweg 3-5,10009 AV Amsterdam, ph.: +31206680999, fax: +31206652422, email:

Proposal for an Africa Working Group

The proposal is for WRI to form an Africa Working Group, in order to help network among and develop contacts with African groups, individuals and Africans in the diaspora. A loose network already exists within WRI among a handful of African groups and individuals, as well as among several African Studies and solidarity activists in Europe and North America. This proposal seeks to give that network better coordination and focus, to assist WRI's communications with African contacts, to facilitate communication between African contacts, and to expand the scope of WRI's work in this area.

Jan Van Criekinge and Matt Meyer will serve as coordinators, to make sure that initial mailings go to individuals and groups listed at the initial meeting, and to serve as central contact points for the WRI office and new contacts. The group will seek to recruit a contact within Africa to take on the role of co-convenor. Foundations and individuals should be approached to raise mailing and some travel funds.

Contacts: Matt Meyer, do WRL, 339 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012, USA; phone: +1 212 523 2783; Jan van Criekinge, Hellichstraat 39, 3110 Rotselaar, Belgium; phone: +3216446926 (home); fax: +322 6400774.

Proposal for a feasibility study for a Peace Translation Service

This Service would establish a pool of volunteer translators willing to provide a translation service to peace and related groups who could not otherwise afford translation. in the first months of 1995, a feasibility study would he carried to identify the needs for translation, to find volunteer translators, to work out more precisely how the service would function, and to establish an economic base. This would then he followed by a two or three-year pilot project.

Contact: Agatha Haun, c/o WRI office.

Proposal for research on the impact of militaries on societies in transition to democracy

The proposal is for WRI to prepare articles and case studies on countries in transition to democracy for the use of people working on countries facing similar situations. A volunteer activist from a country in transition would be brought to London to do the research work and analyse the data from a WRI perspective.

Contact: WRI office.

Proposal for a Nonviolent Intervention Contingency Fund

The proposal is to set up a fund large enough to enable one of the peace internationals to explore and develop an emergency proposal for nonviolent action in response to an international crisis. The fund would beheld by WRI and funds would be released in agreement with IFoR and Peace Brigades International to take on additional staff either to do a feasibility study or to release one of the existing staff of WRI, PBI or IFoR. Rapid nonviolent responses to international crises would benefit from the contacts of the international organisations, and also their experience of working together.

In September 1994, the Vth International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns adopted the Fund as their new international project and will provide some funding for it. Additional grant proposals will he submitted to sympathetic funds.

Contact: Dominique Saillard, at WRI office.

Proposal for creating a data base on the world economic situation

This database would highlight alternative economic models, increasing the visibility of southern countries. The Academy of Gandhian Studies is willing to act as a contact and will strive to raise the funds for the three-year project.

Contact: Haranath Tadepally at the Academy of Gandhian Studies, 2-2-1133/5/5 New Nallakunta, Hyderabad 500044, India, fax: +91 40 551332.

Proposal for a one-year course and field work in Gandhian philosophy

The proposal would he intended to provide opportunities for young workers from Africa, Latin America and Asia to attend a one-year intensive course and field work aimed at understanding Gandhi in the contemporary world. At the end of the course, the students would he expected to create similar programmes in their own countries. The programme would cover all the costs of 12 participants per year. The Academy of Gandhian Studies has offered to take responsibility for all fundraising and coordinating work.

Contact: Haranath Tadepally at the

Academy of Gandhian Studies, 2-2-1133/5/5 New Nallakunta, Hyderabad 500044, India, phone: +9140558067; fax: +91 40551332.

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