Greetings! This newsletter, the first for 1995, contains a report from the women's theme group at WRI's Triennial, held last December in Brazil. We're happy to report that women were very visible during the Triennial, and that seven out of the 12 available Council seats went to women. We have a poem from one of WRI's new Council members, MiX (from the State of Spain), whom many readers will know from the days she worked in the WRI office in London. We look forward to other contributions from women Council members, so readers will get to know them better.

We are also happy to note that there are tentative plans for the next WRI Women's Conference. The Conscientious Objectors' Support Group (COSG) of South Africa has been approached about hosting the conference, so stayed tuned to upcoming issues of this newsletter for developments.

This year will see the newsletter change from a biannual publication to a quarterly newsletter. To accomplish this, we need your help. Please send us articles that you think anti-militarist women will be interested in reading, and news of your work. We are also interested in cartoons, poems, book reviews, drawings, short, we want to hear from you! You can send us news in English, German, French and Spanish. Starting with this issue, one or two main articles from each newsletter will be translated into German, French and Spanish, and inserted into the newsletter, to be mailed to non-English speaking readers. We hope this will help make the newsletter more accessible and useful. We welcome your feedback about this experiment, and encourage any other suggestions as to how we can make the newsletter a better tool for women's communication and organizing.

The date for next WRI Council meeting is not quite definite (it may be in July or the second week of August), but it will be held in San Sebastian/Donostia, in the Basque country. The WRI Women's Working Group will have a meeting one day before the start of the Council. You can contact the London office for more information. We hope to see you there!

Shelley Anderson

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