Prisoners for Peace Honour Roll



There are over 100 COs sentenced to prison in southern Cyprus every year, all of them Jehovah's Witnesses. At least nine COs are facing trial at the end of November and might be imprisoned. One of them, with very poor eye-sight and a heart condition, is 53 years old. Many COs face repeated sentences, as they continue to refuse conscription once they are released. (Under a law introduced in January 1992, COs have the alternatives of 34 months unarmed service in a military camp, or 42 months civilian service. Military service is 26 months.)

Among the COs currently imprisoned in Nicosia's central prison are:
Pambos Dinou Charalambous (in 17/10/94 out 03/95)
Andreas Ionathan Charalambous (in 17/10/94 out 03/95)
Nikos Andrea Kalogirou (in 17/10/94 out 04/95)
Charalambos Iosia Charalambous (in 17/10/94 out 06/95)
Avelinos Iosa Charalambous (in 17/10/94 out 03/94)
Panayiotis Dimitris Talia (in 26/09/94 out 03/95)
Christos Panikou Christophi (in 26/09/94 out 03/95)
Andreas Ioanni Demetriou (in 26/09/94 out 12/94)
Louka Andrea Hatzipanagi (in 28/06/94 out 01/95)
Christakis Andrea Trisokka (in 20/05/94 out 05/95)

Central Prison

The right to conscientious objection is not recognised in northern Cyprus, where 40,000 soldiers from Turkey have been stationed since that country's 1974 invasion. Conscripts serve in the North Cyprus security forces for a 22-month period. Additionally, Turkish-Cypriot males must attend a reserve camp for 3 days a year.

Salih Askerogul
Lefkosa Central Prison
via Mersin 10
Serving 3 years and 3 months from November 1993 for "making propaganda against the armed forces" and refusing his call-up. In 1993 Salih returned to the north, and declared himself a CO, after he and his Greek-Cypriot wife were hounded out of the south.


Otto Staufenbiel
Suomenlinnan tyoesiirtola
00190 Helsinki
(in 05/94 out 19/11/94)

Harri Puurunen
Helsingin tyoesiirtola
PL 36
01531 Vantaa
(in 11/94 out 05/95)


There are between 300 and 400 Jehovah's Witnesses currently in prison.


Alexandre Froidevaux
z.Z.4. / FschPzAbwBtl 283
72 525 Muensingen
(in 13/10/94 out 15/12/94)

Olaf Weinel
z.Z.11. / LwAusbReg
25 746 Heide
(in 9/10/94 out 11/12/94)

Andreas Reineck
z.Z. U-Haft
JVA Schwerin
19 053 Schwerin
(in 21/10/94)

Christian Stracke
z.Z. U-Haft
JVA Flensburg
24 937 Flensburg
(in 26/10/94)


Greece is the only member of the European Union that has not yet recognised the right to CO. It has no alternative civilian service. Currently some 320 Jehovah's Witnesses are in prison for refusing military service, generally serving 4-year sentences. There are also about 100 other anti-militarist COs who are not in prison, but are refused a passport or jobs in the public sector.

for Jehovah's Witnesses:
"Imprisoned objectors"
c/o Thanassis Reppas (lawyer)
10 Lykourgu St
GR-10551 Athens


Mordechai Vanunu
Ashkelon Prison
POB 17
Kidnapped in Italy in 1986, sentenced in 1988 to 18 years for exposing Israel's nuclear programme. Still in solitary confinement.

Since the peace accords, no Yesh Gvul activists have been imprisoned, but there are a number of immigrants form the former Soviet Union now refusing military service.

Artyom Kalimulin
(Parents' address)
9 Haharuv Str.
Conscientious objector of Ukrainian origin, who has already been sentenced to 45 days in prison last July. He was beaten up when prison guards discovered that he was not circumcised. After his release he was ordered to report to the army again and is currently in hiding, while waiting to hear about his demand for exemption.

Stanislav Michenko
(parents' address)
c/o Yuri and Raisa Michenko
1/10 Anna Frank
Kokhav Hatzafon
(in 05/94 out 2/12/94)

Sergey Sandler
(home address)
155-4 Megiddo Street
84773 Beer Sheva
(in 23/10/94 out 17/11/94)
Was arrested after failing to report for military service. After two weeks on hunger strike, he is now eating once every three days. He has been ordered to report for military service upon his release.

Yevgeniy Davidov
(address unknown)
Returned his military equipment by mail. When called up for basic training in 09/94, he failed to report and was to face trial for desertion on 23/10/94. He notified the authority that he would not present himself in court. He could be taken into custody any day.


According to unofficial estimates, up to 1,000 Jehovah's Witnesses have been imprisoned per annum for refusing alternative civilian service. Two total resisters, Pietro Bonadonna and Daniele Porto, were imprisoned in 1994.


Roman Grechko
(address unknown)
Jehovah's Witness sentenced to one year in a labour camp.


Kees Koning
P I Nieuwvosseveld
Lunettenlaan 501
5260 DH Vught
(out 15/01/95)
Ploughshares activist sentenced to 15 months in prison for helping to topple a radio tower at the nuclear USAF Volkel bases where F-16 fighter bombers are stationed. He has already served one year and was arrested recently to serve the rest.

Sietje Kruyt-Amesz
Ter Peel Gevangenis
Paterstraat 4
5977 NM Evertsoord
(in 14/11/94 out 28/11/94)
Sentenced for entering the Orion naval airbase Valkenburg, where Orion P-3 planes capable of carrying nuclear anti-submarine depth bombs are stationed.

State of SPAIN

Anti-militarists in the state of Spain continue to focus on a very active campaign of insumision-total resistance to both military and civilian service. Figures in brackets refer to type of imprisonment: see article facing page. In Catalunya, judicial authorities no longer call for prison sentences for insumision; in other parts of the state of Spain, sentences are for between 1 year and 2 years, 4 months, 1 day.

- Juan Gonzalez Reyes (2nd)
Javier Roncero Heras (3rd)
Javier Garcia Olivares (3rd)
Jose M Roncero Heras (3rd)
Antonio Gomez (3rd)
Eduardo Martinez Flores (3rd)
Centro Penitenciario La Torrecica
Carretera de Ayora km 72
02071 Albacete
State of Spain
(tel +34 67 212444; fax 214750)

Carlos Fueyo Tirado (2nd)
Fermin Bravo Lastra (2nd)
Pablo Sastre Alvaro (3rd)
C P de Villabona
Modulo 2
Finca Tabladiello
33207 Asturies
State of Spain

Asier Martinez Gonzalez (2nd)
Javier Bilbao Gonzalez (2nd)
Jose Bujan Corras (2nd)
Aitor Aurrekoetxea (3rd)
David Monge Garrido (3rd)
Luis Nunez Vicente (3rd)
Alberto Alvarez (3rd)
Julen Santos (3rd)
Ivan Martinez (3rd)
Alberto Rodriguez (3rd)
Inaki Garcia Bermejo (3rd)
Ander Goni Beltza (3rd)
C P de Basauri
C/Lehendakari Aguirre 92
State of Spain

Rafa Contreras (3rd)
Jose Luis Sanchez (3rd)
C P Puerto II
Apdo 600
11500 Puerto de Sta. Maria
State of Spain

Raul Molleda Garcia (2nd)
C P El Dueso
Apdo 50
39740 Santona
State of Spain

Antonio Linan (3rd)
Prision Provincial
Apdo 479
14071 Cordoba
State of Spain

Joseba Mintigi (2nd)
Aitor Lopez (3rd)
Juan Albitro (3rd)
Inaki Kamala (3rd)
Julio Abrego (3rd)
Daniel Bustamante (3rd)
Txema Mendibil (3rd)
Prision Provincial de Martutene
20014 Donostia
State of Spain

Inigo Ramirez Barberena (2nd)
Jose A. Iribarren Gurbindo (2nd)
Antonio Hernandez Sanchez (2nd)
Centro Penitenciario de Nanclares de la Oca
Nanclares de la Oca
State of Spain

Aitor Balbas Ruiz (2nd)
Alejandro Belasco Armendariz (2nd) *
Alfredo Alles Landa (2nd)
Alfredo Alvaro Igoa (2nd)
Alfredo Liras Cesar (2nd)
Ander Murga Alkorta (2nd)
Angel Ormazabal Arratibel (2nd)
Angel Maria Senar (2nd)
Antonio de Cuesta (2nd) *
Cesar San Martin Velaz (2nd)
David Ardanaz de Karlos (2nd)
David Villanueva Esparza (2nd)
David Zelaia Castiella (2nd)
Fernando Mendiola (2nd)
Inaki Ekisoain Berriozar (2nd)
Inaki Lopez (2nd)
Inigo Ramirez Barderena (2nd)
Inigo Rodriguez Txabarri (2nd)
Ismael Martiarena (2nd)
Javier del Campo Lacarra (2nd)
Javier Gonzalez Elizalde (2nd)
Jesus Lacea (2nd)
Jon Andoni Alvarez Ajuria (2nd)
Jose Antonio Marquez (2nd)
Jose Benito Larraza (2nd)
Juan A. Vicente Galbete (2nd)
Juan Luis Zabalza (2nd)
Juan M. Goni Beltza (2nd)
Katxo Agirre (2nd) *
Martin Zelaia Garcia (2nd)
Mikel Basarte Pozo (2nd)
Mikel Kormenzana (2nd)
Mikel Rekalde Goldaraz (2nd) *
Mikel Usetxi Sarasa (2nd)
Mikel X. Ortigosa Lekunberri (2nd)
Oskar Razkin (2nd)
Patxi Billares Loigorri (2nd)
Pedro Oliver (2nd) *
Ruben Marcilla Lopez de Dicastillo (2nd)
Valentin Ibanez (2nd)
Agustin Villalba (3rd)
Alfonso Beorlegi (3rd)
Andoni Lopez (3rd)
Antonio Barrena (3rd)
Antonio Galindo (3rd)
Antonio Sanz (3rd)
Bittor Elbusto (3rd)
Eduardo Jaurieta (3rd)
Eneko Itoiz (3rd)
Enrique Urra (3rd)
Fermin Larunbe (3rd)
Fermin Palomo (3rd)
Fernando Txurruka (3rd)
Francisco J Gonzalez (3rd)
Inaki Apeztegia (3rd)
Inaki Comes (3rd)
Inigo Garmendia (3rd)
Iosu Senas (3rd)
Ivan Goikoetxea (3rd)
Ivan Gutierrez Gordino (3rd)
Javier Larunbe (3rd)
Jesus M. Beltza (3rd)
Jorge Goni (3rd)
Jose M. Morcillo (3rd)
Joseba Fraile (3rd)
Kirru Sarobe (3rd)
Koldo Pastor (3rd)
Luis Lumbreras (3rd)
Manuel Lopez Montes (3rd)
Miguel Beriain (3rd)
Norberto Villanueva (3rd)
Oskar Gonzalez (3rd)
Patxi Ruiz (3rd)
Rafael Rodriguez (3rd)
Ricar Robles (3rd)
Valentin Oses (3rd)
Jose A Artola (3rd)
Jesus M Urrutia (3rd)
Ramon Lopez Cid (3rd)
Luis J Artola (3rd)
Carlos Ibanez (3rd)
Centro Penitenciario, C/ San Roque, Apartado 250
31080 Iruna
State of Spain
(tel +34 48 251995; fax 275915)

Antonio de Cuesta Manrique (2nd)
Prision de Madrid
Avenida de los Poblados s/n
28071 Madrid
State of Spain
(tel +34 1 4651043)

Jose A Paya Orzaes (3rd)
Enrique Martinez Dominguez (3rd)
Julian Martinez Romo (3rd)
Jose M. Borrel Brito (3rd) **
Jose M Lopez Blanco (3rd) **
Carabanchel Prison
State of Spain

Mario de Castro (3rd)
Raul Sanchez (3rd)
Centro Penitenciario de Yeserias
State of Spain

Fernando Hilario (3rd)
Jesus Martinez (3rd)
Pedro J Lopez Lorca (3rd)
Prision Provincial de Murcia
apdo 796
30833 Sangonera la Verde
State of Spain

Angel Gonzalez (2nd)
Fernando Romero (2nd)
Mario Viera (3rd)

C P Salto del Negro
Apdo 100 Tarifa Alta
35017 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
State of Spain

Cesar Garcia Aguina (3rd)
Cesar Martinez (3rd)
Ernesto Lopez Rei (3rd)
C P de Vigo
Avda Madrid 106
Vigo (Pontevedra)
State of Spain

Luis Martin (3rd)
Juan M. Hernandez Simon (3rd)
C P de Teruel
Av de Zaragoza 26
44001 Teruel
State of Spain

Guillermo Alejo (3rd)
Manuel Garcia (3rd)
C P de Villanubla
Modulo Adultos 2
47071 Valladolid
State of Spain

Chabier Nogueras (2nd)
Jose Antonio Aliaga (2nd)
Txabi Urra (2nd)
Alberto Perez (2nd)
David Goni (3rd)
Jose Antonio Andilla (3rd)
Jose Manuel Santo Tomas (3rd)
Eduardo Campos (3rd)
Fermin Puertolas (3rd)
Jose Luis Ruiz Baines (3rd)
Luis Merin (3rd)
Fito Sesma (3rd)
Manues Nogueras (3rd)
Chabier Gimeno (3rd)
Nael Falo Alquezar (3rd)
Nacho Contel (3rd)
Miguel Mut Signes (3rd)
Inaki Mur (3rd)
C P de Zaragoza
Avda de America 80
50007 Zaragoza
State of Spain

Due to be transferred

** In preventive detention


Karna Rusek
Lindome anstalt
Box 68
437 21 Lindome
(out 7/12/94)
Sentenced to 3 months in prison, plus 207 000 Swedish Crowns in damages for a Ploughshare action in January 1994, when Karna and four other people tried to disarm the Swedish Viggen warplane.


The following conscientious objectors have been sentenced to community work:

Martin Erismann
(home) Nehmattstr 15
6048 Horw

Beat Frei
(home) Chirbelmatt 14
6130 Willisan
(from 09/94 to 06/95)

Peter Heiniger
(home) Grenzstr 200
3250 Lyss
(from 5/09/94 to 24/01/95)

Martin Schrader
(home)Burgenstal 15
4312 Megden


Several anti-militarists have been imprisoned in 1994. Thanks to international pressure all have been freed, but they may have to stand further trials (see separate article).


Fr Frank Cordaro
c/o St Patrick Church
223 Harmony Street
Council Bluffs IA 51503
(in 10/94 out 20/04/95)

Mark Davis
No 23106-008
FPC, MB064
Box 1000
Boron CA 93516
(in 05/89 out 06/95)
Serving 6 years for "malicious destruction of property". Has been denied parole on the basis of an alleged conspiracy to sabotage nuclear power plants—a charge on which he was never convicted.
Lynn Frederiksson
No 14852-056
C-11, FPC Box A
Glen Ray Road
Alderson WN 24910
(out 1/12/95)

Sentenced to 14 months in prison for a Pax Christi-Spirit of Life Ploughshares direct disarmament action on F-15E fighter-bombers at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, in North Carolina, on 12 July 1993.

Bruce Friedrich
No 17065-016
Unit Alex
FCI Morgantown
Box 1000
Morgantown WV 26507
(in 09/94 out 2/12/95)

Carl Kabat
North Dakota State Penitentiary
PO Box 5521
Bismarck ND 58502
(in 1/04/94)
Serving 5 years for a Good Friday/April Fool's Ploughshare direct disarmament action with hand tools in a North Dakota nuclear missible silo.

Brian Terrell
c/o Strangers and Guests Catholic Worker
PO Box 264
Maloy IA 50852
(in 11/94 out 1/03/95)
Repeated line-crossing at the strategic Nuclear Command, Offutt Air Force Base, in Nebraska.

Felton Davis
Jim Keane
Max Obuszewski
c/o Dorothy Day House
503 Rock Creek Church Rd NW
Washington DC 20010
Arrested for obstruction at 31 October blockade of CIA HQ, where they were protesting against covert operations in Haiti; trial date 14 December.

Thanks to the following for help in preparing this year's list:

Amnesty International, The Nuclear Resister (USA), IMCWR-I (Israel), Ohne Uns (Germany), BFMV (Switzerland), Frits ter Kuile (Netherlands), Carl-Magnus Hoeglund (Sweden), MOC Cantabria (State of Spain), Centre Martin Luther King (Switzerland), Union of COs (Finland), Tibet Support Group (UK), and Tibet Information Network (UK). Finally, thanks to our team of volunteer translators: Agatha Haun, Inge Dreger, Andreas Speck, Felix Marcuello, and Odette Grille.

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