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Nationalisms, A Factor of Violence? — Catalonia, 9-11 June

The fifth Meeting organised by the Fundació per la Pau and Justicia i Pau in Barcelona will look at the situation engendered by the revival of nationalist claims that exist side by side with efforts to construct a Europe transcending the states. The programme includes lectures on the nation's role in the building of Europe, the future of the State, nationalisms and wars, and nationalism and solidarity, as well as round tables on prospects in Galicia, Scotland, Corsica, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Armenia. Contact: Fundació per la Pau, c/. Casp, 30, pral. 1a, 08010 Barcelona, tel: +93 302 51 29; fax: +93 317 04 26

World Court Project: Presentation of Citizens' Evidence — Netherlands, 10 June

This event marks a key stage in the development of the World Project against nuclear weapons, which seeks an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice confirming that the use or threat to use nuclear weapons is illegal. Declarations of Public Conscience and other evidence of citizens' concerns will be presented both to the Court itself and to the assembled public.

Contact: International Peace Bureau, International Secretariat, tel: +41 22 731 6429, fax: +41 22 738 9419; World Court Project - UK Secretariat, tel/fax: +44 323 844269.

Walk for the Earth 1994, London to Manchester — Britain, 11-25 June

The walk will start on the site of Wanstead's George Green, where a 250-year old chestnut, a symbol of hope and resistance for local residents and anti-roads campaigners, was cut down last December to make way for the proposed M11 link. It will wend its way northwards, arriving at the Manchester International Peace Festival on 25th June. The organisers want to highlight the inadequacy of the British government's response to the 1992 Rio Earth Summit and stress the links between environmental destruction, social injustice, and militarism. Along the route, walkers will hand out leaflets, give press and radio interviews and offer their support to local campaigns of any kind. Contact Penny Eastwood, 10 Broughton St., Hebben Bridge, W. Yorks HX7 8JY, Britain, tel: + 44 422 844710; fax: +44 422 882304

Environmental Problems: Power Conflicts in the International System and Paths Towards Cooperation — Germany, 17-19 June

This international conference/meeting to be held in Loccum (Germany) is organised by the Evangelical Academy of Loccum in cooperation with the Swiss Peace Foundation. Contact: Dr. Jörg Calließ, Evangelische Akademie Loccum, 31545 Loccum, Germany, tel: +49 5766 81 109; fax: +49 5766 81 128.

Who Will Stop the Killing? Building Communities of Resistance and Solidarity —

USA, 17-19 June

The 23rd Annual Conference of COPRED (the Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development) will take place at St. Thomas University, St. Paul, Minnesota. Contact COPRED, c/o Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA, tel: +1 703 993 3639; fax: +1 703 993 1302

Meeting of Total War Resisters in Mainz — Germany, 24-26 June

Contact: Deserteure, c/o Aku, Herderstraße 35, 65185 Wiesbaden, tel: +49 611 37 66 20 (office hours: Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm)

Manchester International Peace Festival — Britain, 25 June-3 July

The Peace Festival will take place at several sites around the city centre. The 9 day-long Festival will offer speakers, workshops, rallies, street theatre and other cultural and social events on the theme of sustainable security. On Saturday 25 June, the Christian CND will hold a conference on 'Militarism and the Environment', while the Campaign for Non Alignment will host a meeting on linking disarmament campaigners in Europe and the South. The following days will be dedicated to one main theme: Sunday 26, United Nations Reform and Global Governance; Monday 27, Diversification Day; Tuesday 28, Curbing the Arms Trade; Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30, workshops, drama and roleplay on Conflict Resolution and Peace Education; Friday 1, Municipalities for Peace; Saturday 2, Nuclear Disarmament Day; Sunday 3, Militarism, the Environment and Development. Contact Olive Bowers or Linda Walker, Nuclear Policy and Information Unit, Manchester Town Hall, Manchester M60 2LA, Britain, tel: +44 61 234 3325 or 3322; fax: +44 61 236 8864.

Youth in Conflict: Analysis and Means for Action - Belgium, 3-9 July

This international colloquium aims at better understanding young people's feelings of helplessness and their difficulty to confront conflictual situations in a positive way. The meeting will offer analysis (sociological, ethical, psychological), testimonies, and intervention tools. Contact: Université de Paix, 4 Bd du Nord, 5000 Namur, Belgium, tel: +32 81 22 61 02.

Wimmin on the Road for Peace: Racism and Militarism — Britain, 22 July-22 August

The 1994 Wimmin on the Road for Peace will focus on the links between racism and the entire cycle of war. The Tour will spend a minimum of two days at most locations and start from Liverpool, England, to finish in (Wo)Menwith Hill Peace Camp, passing near a number of nuclear and military sites in Wales, Scotland and England. The organisers are now raising funds for petrol,publicity, and vehicle maintenance costs. Contact: Lucia, 15 Greenheys Road, Toxteth, Liverpool L8 05X, Britain, tel: +44 51 727 6025.

1994 World Conference Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs — Japan, 2-9 August

This will take place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and discuss the meaning of the bombing of the two cities, the evils caused by the subsequent nuclear arms build-up, and the current situation on nuclear weapons. Participants will consult on common tasks and actions of anti-nuclear peace movements around the world to observe the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Registration fees are ¥3,000 or US$30.00. Contact: Organizing Committee, World Conference against A & H Bombs, 6-19-23 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105, Japan, tel: +03 3431 1014; fax; +03 3431 8781.

Leadership Development/Nonviolence Training for Community Organisers and Activists in Northern California — USA, 6-12 August

The training is sponsored by the National Coalition to end Barrio Warfare/Barrios Unidos and the Resource Center for Nonviolence. Deadline for application is 30 June 1994. Contact: Center for Nonviolence, 515 Broadway, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA, tel.: +1 408 423 1626.

Skills for Change: Youth Leadership for Peace and Justice — USA, 17-25 August

The Fellowship of Reconciliation invites young people to participate in its sixth annual Skills for Change programme in Washington DC, USA. This intensive week-long training programme will focus on multicuturalism, racial and social justice, and strategies for creating positive social change. The training consists of issues workshops, skills workshops, and interactions with community activists, peace organisations and homeless people. The training is open to 25 people ages 17 to 23, who will be selected to ensure a range of ethnic, religious and class backgrounds. The application deadline is 15 July. Fees range from $250 to $325 and cover registration, food, housing and local transportation. Suggestions for fundraising are available from the FOR office. For more details and an application form, contact: Skills for Change, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Box 271, Nyack, NY 10960, USA, tel.: +1 914 358 4601.

Inter-Regional Peace Building Conference on the Role of Youth in Nonviolent Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation — Kazakstan, 20-30 August

The conference will consist of two parts: the first six days will take place in Almaty (Kazakstan) and the last four will be carried out on a Peace train to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) and Tashkent (Uzbekistan), with return to Almaty at the end of the trip. Specific objectives include information and education, exchanging and working out concrete projects, and recommendations on an appeal to European and CIS-countries leaders and a programme of youth action for 1995. The conference participants (ages 18-28) will be selected on the basis of their involvement in the peace movement and are asked to submit an essay on any of the objectives of the conference and/or their experience in peace action. Ideally, they will come from Central and Middle Asia, former and near-conflict situations (eg, ex-USSR, Eastern Europe), or belong to groups working in similar fields in other European and Asian countries. The organising committee will be able to provide limited funding for some of the participants. Requests for information, grant applications, and conference applications must be sent to Civic Peace/UNOY NET Kazakstan, M. Torez Str. 47-29, Almaty, Kazakstan, tel: +7 3272 530619; fax: +7 3272 631207 (attn. 238)

War Against Women: the Impact of Organised Violence on Gender Relations — Switzerland, 16-17 September

This dialogue between women from Africa and Europe is organised by the Swiss Peace Foundation in Schloss Hüningen (Switzerland). Contact: Schweizerische Friedensstiftung (SFS), Wasserwerkgasse 5-7, Postfach 43,

CH-3000 Bern 13, tel: +41 31 22 55 82; fax: +1 31 22 55 83.

ICOM 1994 ­— Colombia, 20-27 November

The second preparatory meeting of the 1994 International Conscientious Objectors Meeting has set the date of the event for end of November in Bogota, Colombia. Contact: Colectivo por la Objeción de Conciencia, A.A. 53024, Santafé de Bogota, D.C., Colombia, el: +57 1 287 44 98; fax: +57 1 269 50 29.

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