Announcement from the Australian Organisers


[Editor’s note: the dedicated women of CONNECT did an excellent job in identifying and raising funds for participants to last year’s WRI women’s conference. Much of the Conference’s success was due to their hard work.)

This is a short note to tell everyone that CONNECT has formally debriefed and disbanded—it no longer exists.

CONNECT formed specifically to aid the WRI Women’s Working Group in organising the conference in Thailand. It was a gigantic, sometimes overwhelming task. And we did it! We feel happy with what we did though we are relieved it is over. We made lots of mistakes that we hope we learnt from. And we learned from the good bits too.

We were a group of just five women with very few resources and have now moved on to other work. As individuals we are still active in different combinations as part of the Australian Nonviolence Network. Some of our energy will go toward setting up and maintaining a Nonviolence Resource Centre at Commonground Community near Seymour. The information and resources we gathered and the networks with which we connected as part of this project can be accessed through the following address:

Margaret Pestorius

Nonviolence Resource Centre

P.O. Box 474, Seymour, Vic 3661 Australia.

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