Gifts Available In Support Of The Conference


It’s never too early…a beautiful variety of Christmas cards are available from the London office. Also cards with an original floral design, for every day letters and notes. Donated by the artist, proceeds from the cards go to the Conference. Inquiries from bookshops and stationery shops welcomed.

Très chic! From France, stylish black/gold/red pins with the logo “4th WRI Women’s Conference 1992”. Available for 20 FF per pin (plus postage), or 15 FF per pin for 10 or more.

Also from France, hand crafted notecards with a color photograph from Kanaky/New Caledonia, 10 FF each, plus postage. Proceeds from both the pins and notecards go towards sending a Kanaky woman to the Conference.

Be multi-lingual! From the Netherlands, 100% cotton T-shirts (XL) with the Conference’s logo “Women Overcoming Violence” in Thai, Spanish, French and English.

Gorgeous T-shirts with the WRI women’s symbol “Women Overcoming Violence” in English are also available in Canada.

For prices, to send your ideas and help and for more information on the gorgeous new poster, please contact the London office.

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