RECOMMENDATION 478 (1967) on the right of conscientious objection


The Assembly,

1. Having regard to its Resolution 337 on the right of conscientious objection,

2. Recommends the Committee of Ministers :

(a) to instruct the Committee of Experts on Human Rights to formulate proposals to give effect to the principles laid down by the Assembly in its Resolution 337 by means of a Convention or a recommendation to Governments so that the right of conscientious objection may be firmly implanted in all member States of the Council of Europe ;

(b) to invite member States to bring their national legislation as closely as possible into line with the principles adopted by the Consultative Assembly.

[1]. Assembly Debate on 26th January 1967 (22nd Sitting) (see Doc. 2170, report of the Legal Committee).

Text adopted by the Assembly on 26th January 1967, 22nd Sitting).


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