List of resources in nonviolence

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One very useful resource for finding material for case studies is the website maintained by Howard Clark, and including in full the bibliography People Power and Protest since 1945 and its ongoing online update: as well as the texts of four out-of-print books. The final section of the bibliography is devoted to Preparation and Training for Nonviolent Action.
The four books online are:

  • Civil Resistance - written by former WRI chair Michael Randle, with a chapter written after the original publication;

  • Challenge to Nonviolence - edited by Michael Randle and including three more chapters than the printed version;

  • Living the Intifada - Andrew Rigby's 1991 study of the first intifada, which he characterises as more or less an unarmed struggle;

  • and

  • Thirty-One Hours: the Grindstone Experiment - a 31-hour training experiment in nonviolent social defence.

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