It's International Conscientious Objection Day! Share statement from Korean COs

Korean activists holding peace flags, with the text 'Defend the right to refuse to kill' at the top
It's International Conscientious Objection Day! Share statement from Korean COs

Today is International Conscientious Objection Day, and we stand in solidarity with conscientious objectors in the Republic of Korea (South Korea), over 250 of whom are in prison - right now - for refusing military service.

Ways to get involved

  • Show your solidarity with Korean conscientious objectors using the hashtag #freeKoreanCOs;
  • WRI's affiliate in South Korea, World Without War, have made a statement for CO day. Find it here. At this time of change on the Korean peninsula, World Without War insist that the right to refuse to kill must be recognised. Share the video of their statement on social media using #freeKoreanCOs!
  • You can send a postcard to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in your country to protest their imprisonment. Details here.
  • See if an event is happening near you. Info on events in South Korea, German, the UK and USA are listed here.

    As World Without War's statement says ''In order for Korea to make the most of the most precious opportunity for peace that has come in seventy years and to become a country of permanent peace, the right to conscientious objection must be recognized.'

    We send all our support to World Without War. We look forward to a peaceful future on the Korean peninsula, where no one is imprisoned for their refusal to join the military.

    Keep hearing about our work support war resisters around the world

    We want to continue keeping you informed about conscientious objection movements and other war resisters around the world.

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