War Resisters' Stories

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The WRI Executive Committee calls for the end of all violence – both the acts of war as well as the structural violence of occupation and oppression – and the release of all captives, political prisoners and hostages on both sides of the conflict in Israel/Palestine.

From 4th-10th December 2023, #ObjectWarCampaign actions and events took place in over 30 locations across Europe. The demand for protection and asylum for conscientious objectors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine was heard everywhere.

EBCO, WRI, IFOR, and Connection e.V. express their deep disappointment and grave concerns about the continuing harassment of peace activists and conscientious objectors, including arbitrary prosecutions and unfair judgments, as well as the inappropriate provisions of the new mobilization bill No 10378 of 25.12.2023 proposed by the Ukrainian army.

Watch the interviews with conscientious objectors Tal Mitnick and Sahar Vardi who took part in the peace demonstration calling for ceasefire in Gaza, held in Tel Aviv on 18th November 2023.