War Resisters' Stories

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New publication by WRI and WRL and Updates on the printed edition of the Broken Rifle

We are excited to announce our recent collaboration with our affiliate War Resisters League (WRL) and Waging Nonviolence. In late February, together with WRL, we launched a new community page, War Resisters, on Waging Nonviolence - an independent, non-profit media platform with a special focus on reporting on social movements around the world.

A number of arms fair events around the world have been cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, including some of the world's largest arms fairs, causing huge disruption to the arms industry.

On Wednesday 25th March - the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the Saudi-led coalitions war in Yemen - people across Europe have used social media to protest against arms sales to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and other countries involved in the conflict.

You might already know we were planning to return to a regular print run of the Broken Rifle magazine, starting with our next issue on feminism, gender and antimilitarism. Unfortunely, due to the current situation this needs to be postpone. The next issue will be available online and we hope we can print the next ones later this year.