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1st December is Prisoners for Peace day!

1st December, Sunday, is Prisoners for Peace Day. For over sixty years on this day, we've been sharing stories and contacts details of conscientious objectors and activists for peace who have been imprisoned for their refusal to take up arms and resist war. Set aside time on this day to write to those imprisoned for their peace work.

War Resisters' International has recently been joined by new affiliates including Ambazonian Prisoners of Conscience Support Network (APOCS Net) - find out how you can send solidarity messages to Ambazonian political prisoners on Prisoners for Peace Day.

War Resisters' International has published a statement on a proposal to reintroduce conscription in Honduras.

From 23rd to the 29th November, peace groups around the world have taken action as part of War Resisters’ International’s International Week of Action Against the Militarisation of Youth. The week of action is a concerted effort of antimilitarist actions across the world to raise awareness of, and challenge, the ways young people are militarised, and to give voice to alternatives.

As hundreds of arms dealers prepared to gather for the annual European Defence Agency conference, hundreds of posters appeared throughout the European quarter in Brussels protesting the arms industry and its CEOs’ complicity in arming dictatorial regimes and in the militarisation of European borders.