War Profiteers News

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The Italian government has banned arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, in a move campaigners have described as "historic".

A new database of Israeli military and security exports – www.dimse.info - has been launched. The new database, developed by the American Friends Service Committee, is a tool for journalists, academics, campaigners, and other civil society actors critical of Israel’s arms export and its effect on human rights around the world.

A new report by the Belgian organisation Vredesactie has documented a wide range of Belgian weapons and ammunition used by the Saudi National Guard in a military operation in Yemen.

A coalition of more than a hundred NGOs has called for an immediate international arms embargo on Myanmar, as a response to the military coup that took place in early February.

he trial of former South African President Jacob Zuma - accused of involvement in a multi-billion dollar arms deal corruption case - is set to begin on May 17th.