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Hope to Nope activists gathered outside the Design Museum, holding banners
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EU arms project and South African war profiteer

Journalists in Yemen and the USA have collected evidence that the missile used by the Saudi-led coalition forces to bomb a civilian bus Yemen, killing dozens of children and injuring many more, was as a 500-pound GBU-12 MK 82 laser guided missile, built by Lockheed Martin.

Imperial Armour is a South African company based in Durban, which produces a wide range of clothing, uniforms, boots, bullet proof vests and body armour, helmets, bags, and equipment such as binoculars, belts and holsters for military, police, fire and rescue, and demining groups.

As part of the European Union's Permanent Structure Cooperation framework (PESCO), Estonia, Latvia and Finland are planning to develop land-based drones to be used for planning and reconnaissance.

On Thursday 2nd August, over 40 artists descended on the Design Museum in London to remove their submissions. The artists and activists who contributed pieces to the exhibition were protesting against the museum hosting an event that facilitated the arms trade.