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WRI at the 2007 G8

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This year's G8 took place in Heiligendamm, a hotel next to the Baltic Sea in Germany, that was protected by a fence of over 10 kilometers. WRI with two of their staff was present at the events against the G8, at the same time German affiliates were involved in the organising some of the events. DFG-VK was probably one of the most visible. WRI Council member, Tobias Pfluger played a key role as the legal representative responsible for the demonstrations at the Laage airport where all the presidents arrived and also for liaising with the police to get the activists who were arrested free.

This is an internal report about WRI and its organisational development in the last year. In evaluating WRI, the starting point always is to measure achievements against our goals in the world situation - in this case, the need for a strong anti-militarist international promoting strategies to counter the rival militarisms that threaten us all and that continually stoke the fires of conflict. For WRI, 'anti-war' does not mean just opposing one war - such as the occupation of Iraq by the USA and its allies - or even opposing one sort of war. Rather, for us, being 'anti-war' means recognising that the various forms of militarism feed each other and committing ourselves to oppose all war and uproot the causes of war.


"People's Struggles - people's alternatives" was the theme of ther 7th World Social Forum which took place in Nairobi from 20-25 January 2007. War Resisters' International took part in this World Social Forum with a 10-persons strong delegation.

No doubt, this World Social Forum was different. Africa - Kenya - made its presence felt. Kenyan and African culture and music were present everywhere at the forum, to the extent that drums and music did not always have a positive impact on discussions.

Covering the period July 2003 - April 2004


This has been a year of challenges, changes and looking ahead.

We continue to face financial challenges. Cancellation of our 2003 Council meeting in Columbia was a reflection of our difficult financial situation. We set financial goals for 2004 that allow for no deficits. We cannot continue to draw on our reserves at the rate we have been doing and assure WRI's future.

WRI Executive and Office, February 2002

Table of contentsIntroductionI. Programme goals 1) Promote nonviolence A. Increased understanding of nonviolent social empowerment 1. International conference on Nonviolence and Social Empowerment2.

Executive Committee: Joanne Sheehan, Chair; Andreas Speck, Treasurer; Ellen Elster (Norway); Jan Van Criekinge (Belgium); Vesna Terselic (Croatia) ( Natalie Sipak (Croatia)
Staff: Roberta Bacic, Program and Development Officer; Lucia Brandi, Finance and Development Officer
War Resisters' International, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1, 9DX, Britain
info@wri-irg.org tel: +44 20 7278 4040 Fax: +44 20 7278 0444


Contents:Who was who 1994-19981. Introduction2. Balkans Wars 2.1. Relationships with groups in the region2.2. Training and education work2.3. Support for war resisters2.4. Balkan Peace Team 2.4.1. Otvorene Oci2.4.2. BPT-FRY2.4.3.
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