1 Conscription

conscription exists

Guinea has conscription. [1] [2] [3]

military service

Military service lasts for 24 months. [2] [3]

postponement and exemption

No information about this is available.


About how recruitment actually takes place, no information is available.

2 Conscientious objection

There is no legal provision for conscientious objection. [1]

3 Draft evasion and desertion

Refusal to perform military service is punishable by imprisonment. [1]

No information is available about the actual treatment of draft evaders and deserters.

6 Annual statistics

The armed forces comprise 9,700 troops - which is just over 0.1 percent of the population. It is estimated that 7,500 are serving conscripts. [4]

Furthermore there is a 7,000 strong people's militia, a 1,600 strong Republican Guard and a 1,000 strong Gendarmerie. [4]

Every year approximately 65,000 men reach conscription age. [4]


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