Statement by Maikel Nabil – Declaration of hunger strike


The oppressed is more unjust to himself than his oppressor when he allows oppression to be committed against him.” (Martin Luther King)

Dear Director of El-Marg Public Prison,

Due to the severe injustice committed against me by the Military Justice Administration such as:

1. Having an unfair, secret, trial before a military court, even though I am a civilian
2. The extreme delay of the appeal of the sentence against me by the Military Justice Administration
3. The clear distinction made by the Military Justice Administration between the way my case is treated and the treatment given to similar cases such as those of Nabil Sharf el Din, Hussem Al-Hamlawi and Asma Mahfouz

I have therefore decided the following:

Firstly: Refrain from all litigation before an unfair, military court for it is illogical to ask for justice from the unjust

Secondly: To go on a hunger strike, starting from today. Should there be no response, I will escalate my hunger strike to include water and medicines. It will continue until death or until I am set free

I therefore request you to take the following actions:

1. To edit the minutes of the case as proof and notify the Public Prosecutor to carry out an investigation
2. Inform the management of the prison hospital to take responsibility for my safety

I will not accept any more injustice, and if my death is the price to be paid to put an end to the excesses of the Military Justice Administration, then it is a small price to pay.

Thank you very much.

Maikel Nabil Sanad Ibrahim
El-Marg Public Prison
23 August 2011