Ferda Ulker


Since I have defined myself as an anti-militarist and a feminist, naturally, I believe I am an objector. By means of this declaration, I turn this 'informal' situation into a 'formal' situation!

The conscientious objection movement is not only a struggle against 'compulsory conscription'. This expression includes a wider dimension. And we, women, have a bigger voice and status, than only being a 'supporter' of the movement. Conscientious objection is the direct opposition of militarism and every aspect it entails. Militarist thought does not only remain within the border of the military, but it envisions a military world that affects daily life. And in this world, women are degraded and disregarded. Her status is always positioned behind, even though occasionally circumstances require her to further her position. Its terms are: authority, hierarchy, and obedience.

These expressions are very familiar and significant to us, women.

These are the well-known barriers of a world that continuously pushes us back. Militarism is always like a unannounced and shameless guest in every aspect of life, especially for women living in this geography; in the streets, at home, at work, in our relationships, at our fields of struggle, and everywhere.

I declare that, today, as much as before, I shall defy every secret and obvious form of militarism and to show solidarity with anyone who defies militarism.

As much as militarism is determined to affect my life, I am determined to continue my struggle.