Sandra Murillo Marín's declaration


I declare myself as a conscientious objector because I do not believe that peace can be achieved through weapons and violence (irrespective of who practices it). I do not believe that repression, obeying orders, violating human rights and defending the interests of those in power is the right path to take. All the military structures, both legal and illegal, merely maintain the patriarchal position which oppresses us and does not allow us to progress alongside other people who want to implement change for the good of society and not just for a small minority. I make this declaration because I no longer want to see violent deaths, massacres, arrests, amongst other things, which are carried out by those who call themselves so called defenders of human rights.

I declare myself a conscientious objector because I want to invest in society instead of investing in this wretched war.

I want to be free and see others working together as a people for the common interests and not see them as my enemies.