I Declare My Objection


The fact that I am a girl-and bear in mind that in this country being a girl is very different to being a boy-does not mean that we are not spared the effects of the war, authoritarianism, militarization of society and social, economic and political policies.

In fact, it is us women who, more than others, are subjected to a culture of silence, which educates through submission and servitude and above all submits to authoritarianism, discrimination, control, fear, repression, the implementation of hierarchy, degradation, impoverishment, exclusion and commercialization. All these aspects deny us our being. As women we are spuriously made to believe that we are to abide by the law.

Furthermore, we must suffer witnessing our brothers, uncles, cousins, friends and strangers who, in order to guarantee the liberties of the people, end up joining an army where they learn to hate, mistreat, stop feeling, stop being human. In the end they are not those who are protecting the rights of “our country” but, on the contrary, they are the very people who are responsible for restricting these freedoms.

A friend, uncle, cousin, acquaintance, who we do not see for a year or year and a half, depending on the context because, in such cases, we are not all equal. They receive training and a life experience which does not make up for the solitude, insecurity, anxiety, terror, cold hearted attitude and humiliation experienced…

Fortunately, and I say this with all my being, some of my relatives chose not to serve in the compulsory military service. Did they do this for reasons relating to conscientious objection? I do not know. However, what I do know is that, rather than sacrifice an important part of their lives merely because it is compulsory, they preferred to protect their lives. They preferred to work, study, love, feel and be human.

As a woman, and speaking from the difficult position of being a woman, I DECALRE MYSELF A CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR. Not only do I reject the existence of armies, such as those in my country; I also declare my self as an objector to this economic, social and cultural model. I oppose the security policies which are being implemented on a global level, where war practices are degrading and the human being has become a puppet which can be destroyed.
I resoundingly reject a model which excludes us and I refuse to participate in this imposed submission, in a world which tells me what to do and constantly degrades me as a woman. I oppose this patriarchy, this hierarchy…

I demand a different world, a completely different one, for my mum, my dad, my brothers and sisters, friends, neigbhours, farmers, dogs, cats, plants and the mother earth. We all have the right to live in dignity where there is justice and respect. For those of us who are human with freedom of conscience, fully aware of not obeying, I declare myself thus as I do not want to obey…