Israeli refuser Hallel Rabin released!

Hallel Rabin

Israeli Conscientious objector Hallel Rabin, 19, was released from military prison after spending 56 days behind bars. 

Hallel was first imprisoned in August following her refusal to be enlisted. Since August, she spent 56 days in total in military prison in four separate terms. She was released on 20th November, after the military's conscience board, which evaluates her application for conscientious objection, accepted her request to be exempted from military service on grounds of pacifism. 

Read an interview with Hallel following her release here. You can watch a video interview with Hallel here.

We are grateful to all those who responded to our call to support Hallel! On 22nd October, War Resisters' International released an urgent call for support for Hallel, responded by hundreds of people from across the world,  whose protest emails were delivered to the Israeli Defence Minister Benjamin Gantz. There was also a demonstration held in Athens, Greece by Amnesty International Greece in support of Hallel. Hallel has been supported by Mesarvot - a solidarity network of Israeli conscientious objectors opposing the occupation. 

WRI will continue to stand in solidarity with conscientious objectors in Israel and elsewhere where they are imprisoned and persecuted. Refusing to kill is not a crime!

Prisoners for Peace Day: 1st December

With the occasion of Hallel's good news, we would also like to highlight the importance of the day: Today, 1st December, is Prisoners for Peace Day. Similar to Hallel's story, there are many conscientious objectors and peace activists across the world who are imprisoned for their refusal to join the military, for their resistance to war and militarism. For over sixty years on this day, we've been sharing their stories and contacts details and encourage all to write to them. 

Please find a list of some of those currently in prison for their conscientious objection and peace activism here:

Write to them, sharing your messages of solidarity, help us spread the word and grow our solidarity.

In solidarity and peace, 
WRI Office