Cuba: Osmel Adrián arrested

Osmel Adrián Rubio Santos

Update (19th December): We have been informed that Osmel Adrián has now been released. We follow his case closely and will continue to update you.

Osmel Adrián Rubio Santos from La Habana, Cuba, who declares himself as a conscientious objector, has been arrested by the Cuban authorities on Monday, 15th December 2020.

Osmel Adrián's mother has sent a video of his detention to WRI, while he was being taken away by the police in a patrol car outside of his home in Havana’s Cotorro neighbourhood.

Osmel Adrián is one of the artists who started a hunger strike at the headquarters of San Isidro Movement, demanding an immediate release of the musicians Denis Solis Gonzales, sentenced to eight months on the charges of contempt under the Criminal Procedure Law, and Didier Almagro, sentenced to three years in prison on charges of contempt of court and public disorder. Cuban police dismantled the protest at the San Isidro Movement's place and put Osmel Adrián (among others) under house arrest. Through his house arrest Osmel Adrián - who is gay - has been harassed by his neighbours due to his political views and sexual orientation.

On 15th December, Osmel Adrián decided to leave his house arrest and go to a grocery store but got arrested immediately.

He publicly declared himself as a conscientious objector and stated on several occasions that he refuses to perform military service.

Send your protest emails demanding Osmel Adrián's release to the Cuban embassy of your country of residence. Find a list of Cuban embassies here

WRI calls for the immediate release of Osmel Adrián Rubio Santos. We also call on the Cuban government to fully recognise Osmel Adrián's, and all Cuban conscientious objectors', right to conscientious objection to military service.