Israel: Conscientious objector Mattan Helman released

Mattan Helman. Photo: Israel Social TV

War refuser Mattan Helman was discharged from the Israeli army on Thursday after six spells in a military prison, adding up to a total of 110 days in jail. The official reason for the discharge was 'bad, grave behaviour'. We applaud Mattan's 'bad behaviour'! It is the only humane thing to do.

Read the story on The article reminds us that 'Israeli army regulations do permit exemptions from military service for pacifism, but those exemptions are denied to anyone whose refusal is deemed political or tied to the occupation in any way. Only once in the past 14 years has the army recognized a conscientious objector.'

Thank you to everyone who sent CO-Alerts on Mattan's behalf. CO Ayelet Brachfeld remains in jail.