International Conscientious Objection Day

Every year, 15th May marks International Conscientious Objection Day (CO day) - a day to celebrate those who have, and those who continue, to resist war, especially by refusing to be part of military structures.

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Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany - founded in November 1998, active since January 1999

The "Antimilitaristic Angolan Initiative for Human Rights" is a anti-war action group by Angolans within and outside Angola and is supported by foreign nationals sympathetic to its aims. We invite new members to join forces and become active in the group.

"The Angolan people want a lasting peace, social justice, good governance and the right of citizenship, and mutual respect for the diversity of people and cultures, which form the Angolan Nation project. these are the fundamental principles for the setting of a common ground among the Angolan people. In essence, these principles are the foundation for in-depth revision of the Nation's concept and valorisation of the Angolan citizenry.

As well as the consensual definition of a vision for Angola and its course towards the future.

Shortly after achieving independence from Portugal in 1975, armed conflict broke out between the Peoples' Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and the National Union for Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). The civil war lasted nearly 20 years, in which the MPLA controlled the majority of the country and the UNITA fought a guerrilla war against the government forces. The war ended with the 1 May 1991 Bicesse peace accords, which led to presidential elections in 1992.

Brilliant Affairs

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Peter Kreysler and Elise Fried

Since its independence in 1975 Angola has been ravaged by a civil war, a war that will continue as long as both warring parties still have enough money to buy ever more weapons. Peter Kreysler and Elise Fried describe how they get this money.

The gentle hills next to Luanda's port reach to the shimmering blue Atlantic Ocean. The fresh sea breeze blows into the capital, which makes breathing possible in the biggest African black market with all its different odours.

War as a way of life

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Former political prisoner, Rafael Marques, argues that no matter what the revelations about the role of oil and diamonds in the Angolan war, for the majority of Angolans they will be little more than excuses used to justify the carnage. The core issue is the right of the Angolan people to live in peace.

Rafael Marques


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Fellow countrymen of the Government Armed Forces - FAA

Fellow countrymen of the UNITA Rebel Forces - FALA

Fellow countrymen of the Cabinda Independentist Forces - FLEC's

I, Holden Roberto,

As an old man (mais velho), pioneer of the national struggle for the liberation of Angola, call upon you, as patriots, to depose your weapons to end the self-destruction that the protracted useless and senseless war is causing to Angola, since 1975.

Focus on Angola

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Emanuel Matondo

On this year's 15th of May, the International Conscientious Objectors Day, I would like to recall all the pacifists, antimilitarist activists and human rights defenders the impunity in which the perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity and other acts of cruelty are still living today in Angola.

May 15th has been proclaimed the international conscientious objectors` day on the ICOM (International Conscientious Objectors Meeting) in the year 1983. Yet, it was only this year that the antimilitarist network, consisting of NGO from many towns in Serbia and Montenegro, organized, let us say, a notification of this day. The action of notifying this date took part in 17 towns simultaneously. Although in most of the towns the basic action consisted of delivering leaflets and sticking posters, even such modest actions were not allowed in some places by the police.

15 May -- International Conscientious Objection Day:
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