Nonviolent Struggle and Social Defence


Published in 1991 by War Resisters' International and the Myrtle Solomon Memorial Fund Subcommittee (of the Lansbury House Trust Fund; Charity Reg No 306139) c/o War Resisters' International, 55 Dawes Street, London SE17 1EL, Britain.

A grant towards the production of this book was received from the Puckham Trust

ISBN 0 903517 14 0

Edited by Shelley Anderson and Janet Larmore

Production by Howard Clark and Ken Simons

All copyrights are held by the authors


  1. Shelley Anderson and Janet Larmore, Introduction
  2. Petra Kelly, Why haven't peace movements taken social defence seriously?
  3. Jean-Marie Muller, Why and how to work with governments
  4. Gene Sharp, Transitions to civilian-based defence
  5. Marko Hren, Yugoslavia: the past and the future
  6. Maria Serena I Diokno, People Power: The Philippines
  7. Andrew Rigby and and Nafez Assaily, The Intifada
  8. Jan Kavan, Ruth Sormova, and Michaela Neubauerova, Czechoslovakia's nonviolent revolution
  9. Narayan Desai, Nonviolent people's struggles in India
  10. Leung Wing Yue, Lau Bing Sum, and Liu Wei Ping, China: a time of hope met by horror
  11. Fernando Aliaga Rojas, How we won democracy in Chile
  12. Elzbieta Rawicz-Oledzka, A new style of Polish protest
  13. Vanessa Griffen, Social defence against coups: the case of Fiji
  14. Julio Quan, Low Intensity Conflict: Central America
  15. Jacqui Boulle, Lawrence Sibisi and Rob Goldman, Low Intensity Conflict: South Africa
  16. Brian Martin, Social Defence: Arguments and actions
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