GERMANY: total objector Kai Steyer again arrested - 21 days of military arrest


Today War Resisters' International was informed by Non Serviam!, the Germany based support group for total objector Kai Steyer, that Steyer again was arrested and a fourth disciplinary arrest of 21 days was approved by the Military Disciplinary Court. Since 2 July Steyer already spent 42 days in military arrest. It is normal practice of the German military to impose a total of 63 days of military arrest on total objectors, although legally this is not allowed as a punishment, but only to achieve disciplinary goals. Clearly in the case of total objectors this must fail.

War Resisters' International protests against the chicanery measures taken against Kai Steyer. Yesterday he was not informed about the decision of the Military Disciplinary Court, but was told that the court needed to wait for a statement of his commander, who was at first not available because he was in a meeting, and later was away for his sport exercises. Only when he came back at 9 pm he informed Steyer that the Military Disciplinary Court approved the fourth term of disciplinary arrest – 21 days.War Resisters' International is also concerned about news about a phone conversation between Steyer's lawyer and the judge at the Military Disciplinary Court. Steyer's lawyer reported that the judge told him that there are many positive things about Steyer, but he doesn't like the media work which is aimed to pressure on the Court and the German army. War Resisters' International is concerned about the lack of independence of the court which is shines through this comment.War Resisters' International learned that Steyer is increasingly subjected to chicanery measures while in arrest. An officer threatened to screen his mail, although this would be illegal, and only restrained from doing so when Steyer pointed to the legal situation. He also threatened not to hand over mail in cases where the envelope contains antimilitarist slogans. During the last three weeks Steyer received mail irregularly, and often very late. He also received at maximum three letters at a day.

War Resisters' International calls for the immediate release of Kai Steyer and all conscientious objectors. We urge all antimilitarist and human rights groups to support Kai Steyer, and to send him letters of support.

Kai Steyer- z.Zt. im Arrest -Weser-Geest-Kaserne, Wache, An der Kaserne 4428790 Schwanewede, GERMANY

War Resisters' International also calls for protest letters to the military authorities in Germany:

L├╝tzow-Kasernez.Hd. Kasernen-Kommandeur, An der Kaserne 4128790 Schwanewede GERMANY

Kompaniechef von Block4. Panzergrenadierbatallion 323 An der Kaserne 4128790 Schwanewede GERMANY Tel.: +44-4209-922340 and 922347

More information is available from War Resisters' International and Non Serviam!, c/o Infoladen St.Pauli-Strasse 10-1 228203 Bremen GERMANY email: