ISRAEL: CO Hilmi Naffaa arrested again on Tuesday


CO Hilmi Naffaa of Beit Jann, who had been released from his third term of imprisonment last Friday, and ordered to report to the IMF induction base on Tuesday, was on that day again incarcerated. After already having served terms of 28, 35 and 21 days in prison, Hilmi has been sentenced to 14 more days incarceration. Hilmi's family are unsure which prison he's in, but chances are that it's prison 4, since it's nearer tothe induction base.

War Resisters' International calls for protest against this adding of insult to injury - using the address list below!


Commander of Military Prison No. 4,Military Prison No. 4,Military postal number 02507, IDF Israel. Fax: +972-3-957-52-76

Military Attorney General,Military postal number 9605, IDF, Israel. Fax: +972-3-569-43-70

Lt. Gen. Shaul Mofaz,IDF Chief of Staff,Ha-Qirya,Tel-Aviv, Israel. Fax: +972-3-569-55-94

Mr. Binyamin Ben-Eliezer,Minister of Defence,Ministry of Defence,37 Kaplan st.,Tel-Aviv 61909, Israel.e-mail: Fax: +972-3-696-27-57 / +972-3-691-69-40 / +972-3-691-79-15

Mr. Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister Prime Ministers' Office, Qiriat David Ben-Gurion Jerusalem, Israel. e-mail: Fax: +972-2-566-48-38 / +972-2-651-26-31

Also, please send copies of your appeals to media and, for those of youwholive outside Israel, to your local Israeli embassies and consulates.

Addresses of Israeli media:

  • Ma'ariv: 2 Karlibach st. Tel-Aviv 67132 Israel Fax: +972-3-561-06-14 e-mail:
  • Yedioth Aharonoth: 2 Moses st. Tel-Aviv Israel Fax: +972-3-608-25-46
  • Ha'aretz (Hebrew): 21 Schocken st. Tel-Aviv, 61001 Israel Fax: +972-3-681-00-12
  • Ha'aretz (English edition): 21 Schocken st. Tel-Aviv, 61001 Israel Fax: +972-3-512-11-56 e-mail:
  • Jerusalem Post: POB 81 Jerusalem 91000 Israel Fax: +972-2-538-95-27 e-mail: or
  • Jerusalem Report: Fax: +972-2-537-94-89
  • Radio (fax numbers): Kol-Israel +972-2-531-33-15 and +972-3-694-47-09 Galei Tzahal +972-3-512-67-20
  • Television (fax numbers): Channel 1 +972-2-530-15-36 Channel 2 +972-2-533-98-09