ISRAEL: Refusers Omri Baranes and Tair Kaminer imprisoned


Consicentious objectors Omri Baranes and Tair Kaminer have been imprisoned again in Israel.

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Omri Baranes, an 18 year old pacifist, was sentenced to 30 days in military prison for refusing to serve in the IDF. Omri, who has already spent 7 days in military prison last month, will spend 30 more days behind the bars starting from Wednesday this week. Omri appealed to the military committee of exemptions in September 2015 and requested to be exempted from serving in the military on conscientious grounds.

Together with Omri Baranes, Tair Kaminer, who has already spent 95 days behind bars, was also put on trial and imprisoned again. Tair is now serving her fifth prison term. In her declaration in January this year, Tair wrote 'When I look at all these children, at the next generation of both sides and the reality in which they live, I can but see the continuation of trauma and pain. And I say: Enough!'

See Tair's full declaration here.

Omri's declaration

In her declaration Omri Baranes wrote:

“The military creates a circle of violence while claiming to defend the country. Politicians and public leaders are responsible for the creation of this criminal institution, and our country is militaristic as a result; military service is mandatory, and the army is considered an integral part of Israeli life.

The education system indoctrinates us, telling us that the military is crucial for our existence, and most of our tax money ends up going there. I believe that a person has a responsibility towards certain humanistic values, which lie beyond his/hers political and social framework, which is why I refuse to enlist."


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War Resisters' International calls for the immediate release of all conscientious objectors.