ISRAEL: Conscientious objectors Aiden Katri and Tair Kaminer imprisoned


Refusers Aiden Katri and Tair Kaminer have been imprisoned in Israel.

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Aiden Katri, a 19 year-old trans woman, was sentenced to 7 days in military prison for refusing to serve in the army. Katri is currently held in a men's prison where she is left at risk of stigmitisation and abuse.

Tair Kaminer, who has already spent 45 days behind bars, was sentenced to prison for the fourth time this week. With this final tribunal decision, Tair will spend 20 more days in military prison.

Aiden's declaration

In her declaration Aiden Katri states that “I refuse to take part in an organization that makes 'masculine' behaviors such as aggression and violence, an entry ticket to the social elite.

As someone who believes in gender equality, I can not ignore inequality in other issues. Arabs and Jews live in this country as two different classes; Israelis and Palestinians live under two different legal systems; It would be absurd to strive for justice in the context of injustice. I struggle against my oppression – my gender oppression as a trans women and my ethnic oppression as a Mizrahi Jew, and if I turn a blind eye to an oppression of another people, this would be hypocrisy.”

See her full declaration here.


As well as filling in our email alert you can send emails of support to Tair and Aiden. Write to, and messages will be passed on.

War Resisters' International calls for the immediate release of all conscientious objectors.