ISRAEL: Conscientious objector Edo Ramon in prison for sixth time


Edo Ramon

In Israel, the prison sentence for conscientious objector Edo Ramon has been lengthened by 20 days - this is now his sixth term in prison. Edo is in Military Prison 4, and has already spent 65 days in prison. A video of Edo, speaking on his decision to refuse to join the IDF, is available here.

Send a protest email to the Israeli authorities here.

Repeated imprisonment is a violation of international legal standards. In November 2014, the United Nation's Human Rights Committee, in its Concluding observations reiterated their concern that individuals whose conscientious objection applications are rejected may be repeatedly imprisoned. They called upon the Israeli authorities to refrain from repeated imprisonment for refusal to serve in the armed forces, which may constitute a violation of the principle of ne bis in idem. Read more here.


As well as filling in our email alert (/node/24756), you can also post letters of support to:

Edo Ramon,

Military ID 8208340,

Military Prison No. 4,

Military Postal Code 02507,



Fax: +972-3-95752760

If you have access to a fax machine, it would also be useful to fax a copy of your protests emails to: Mr. Moshe Ya'alon, Minister of Defence, Fax: +972-3-6962757, and Commander of Military Prison No. 4, Fax: +972-3-569-45-26 You can also write to Israel's embassies abroad. Find a list of these here.

War Resisters' International calls for the immediate release of all conscientious objectors.

Andrew Dey, War Resisters' International