Conscientious objection and the British armed forces


Index of papers relased under the Freedom of Information Act

WRI has obtained the following papers from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) pursuant to a Freedom of Information request in August 2007.

  1. Cover letter 17-08-2007-161349-004 Speck (Ministry of Defence)

  2. Armed forces policy on conscientious objectors (Ministry of Defence)

  3. AGAIs Vol 5 Instruction 006 - Retirement or discharge on grounds of conscience (Royal Army)
  4. Personnel, Legal, Administrativeand General orders 0801. Application for discharge on grounds of conscientious objection (Royal Navy)

  5. Prcedure for dealing with conscientious objectiors within the Royal Air Force

All files are presented as PDFs for ease in cross-platform viewing, and to preserve the original formatting as much as possible.

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