Len W Gibson


24 December 1919 - 3 February 2007

Len Gibson, a lifelong peace campaigner and member of The Brotherhood Church -- a WRI affiliate in West Yorkshire, England -- has died at age 87.

From 1962 through to 1988, Len ran the Film Van, a vehicle he drove around the UK during the summer months, appearing at showgrounds, market squares and many other locations around the country, where he would show anti war films from the back of the van in the open air, campaigning for peace against war and violence. While showing the films, he would make peace books, leaflets and other such material as Peace News available, providing support for organisations such as the PPU, WRI, CND, FOR and CAAT.

Always a man of strong principles Len was imprisoned during world war two as a concensious objector.

In the late 1950's he settled at The Brotherhood Church, at Stapleton, near Pontefract in Yorkshire. At Stapleton he married Hilda, and together they spent life living as close to the land as posible, growing much of their own food using organic metheods, long before it was fashionable to do so! With Len carrying out his trade as a motor engineer, repairing and maintaining agricultural vehicles, cars and what have you for local folk in Yorkshire.

With Hilda, Len established an annual gathering on the first sunday of each July at the Brotherhood Church that was known as the Strawberry Tea. An event that attracted between one and two hundred people from far and wide, mainly peace activists, who would enjoy the hospitality that Len and Hilda provided. It was a get together that many people found inspiring and an opportunity to network with other peace activists and to recharge batteries for the campaigning ahead.

In later life, when Len was unable to continue his motor work, he busied himself running Peaceprint, producing and printing peace literature for the Brotherhood Church and other groups such as the local branch of CND.

Unfortunately the last few years of Len's life were blighted by Parkinson's disease, which he struggled with until the end finally came.

Len leaves behind his wife Hilda who has cared for him throughout his battle with Parkinson's and their three children, John, Bracken and Janet and his grandaughter Katie.

A funeral at the Brotherhood Church, at which all are welcome, will be held when the arrangements have been made, those wishing to attend should contact the Gibson family on 01977 620381 for details.

John L Gibson

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