Message to La Ruta Pacífica de Mujeres


We send you greetings on the International Day Against Violence Against Women.

We write in the name of two working groups of the War Resisters' International - the Women's Working Group and the newly-formed Colombia Working Group. As some of you know, War Resisters' International is an international anti-militarist network opposed to all war and committed to nonviolent action to remove the causes of war. WRI has affiliates in more than 30 countries, including in Colombia the Red Juvenil of Medellín. We wish you success in your action in Putumayo and that the voice of women should be heard:

  • that the fumigations be ended, and more gradual strategies of coca eradication be put in place along with strategies for sustainable agriculture in the area
  • that the violence, intimidation and harassment of all the armed groups, including those of the state, be ended and space recovered for the development of civil life
  • for demilitarisation in Colombia, for negotiations to free your communities for all militaries.

We know that you run risks every time you name the violence against women - violence that takes many forms and is carried out by all the armed groups. We know too that you are at risk even with your quieter initiatives to reweave the fabric of civil life. However, it is the courage of people like you in the face of such risks that creates hope for a better future for Colombia.

This year we cannot be physically present to accompany you, but we offer our support with this message and the attached letter of protest to the Colombian government. Also some of us will be involved in actions in our own countries on or near this date.

Yours in solidarity

Women's Working Group, War Resisters' International
Colombia Working Group, War Resisters' International

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