European Antimilitarist Network


The European Antimilitarist Network consists of a wide range of groups from across Europe dedicated to antimilitarism and the use of non-violent direct action. The network facilitates communication both between the groups in the network and also between the network and other groups and persons involved in the antimilitarist struggle.

This network gives us and others the opportunity to link our antimilitarist struggles with many other issues. Every year we aim to chose one or two activities and give them a strong international presence.

Apart from antimilitarism and non violent direct action the network does not have a common agenda or platform. The aims, analysis and methods of each group may therefore vary. Right now we use the joint concept of War Starts Here.

To contact us you can either contact the group currently responsible for the communication of the network (we take it in turns to do this) or the group geographically closest to you. The group currently (from April 2012) responsible for the network's communicationts is Ofog. Below are links to all the groups.