Lead a campaigns clinic


One of the main aims of any WRI meeting is that participants are able to share their work, be inspired by hearing about the struggles of others, and get feedback and ideas for how to make their own campaigns more effective.

So as part of this seminar, we're offering you the chance to run a 'campaigns clinic'. These sessions, lasting 1hr and a half, will be a chance to tell people about your campaign work and invite comments, feedback and reflections from the group on how they could be more effective.

We'd like to invite you to run a campaigns clinic. They will mostly be focused on campaigns that are already up and running, but they could also definitely work for a campaign idea that you've had, where you can share the idea and hear suggestions.

If you would like to run a session such as this about your campaign, please write to us at hannah@wri-irg.org with the subject 'Campaigns clinic'. We have an idea for the structure of these sessions in mind, and will provide a facilitator to help run them.

Please note that there to be a variety of movements and geographical regions represented in these sessions, and there is only limited space and time, so not everyone who wishes to run one may be able to do so. Anyone who doesn't get the chance to do so will have many others opportunities to share their work.

More information on WRI's 'Stopping the War Business' seminar is available here.

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