Exhibition launch! Conflict Textiles exhibition: Nonviolence in Action

An arpillera

2021 is War Resisters' Internationals 100th anniversary. To mark this date Roberta Bacic and Breege Doherty from the Conflict Textiles project at Ulster University in Northern Ireland have curated an exhibition of Conflict Textiles - arpilleras, quilts and wall hangings - that tell stories of the impacts of war and conflict around the world, and the acts of nonviolent resistance that activists have taken to try and end war and its causes.

The event will take place at 13:30 UTC (please check how this corresponds to your own time zone) on 25th March 2021, as a Zoom webinar here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88028845908?pwd=RGhQTHlDVkVOZ0tUbTVyRThRRlhlZz09

On Thursday 25th Roberta and Breege will give us a "guided tour" of the exhibition. You're very welcome to join us!

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