Call out for The Broken Rifle 106: Resisters' stories


Activist magazines can be 'heavy', analysing war and other systemic violences. We want to make the next edition of The Broken Rifle more personal. We want to hear about the incredible people within our movements taking action for social change, and what has led them to become part of our struggle against militarism. Their stories are likely to be inspirational, sometimes emotional, and definitely thought-provoking. They will all be different. Our hope is that hearing these stories will help us to better understand what brings people into our movements. This in is itself a political act, asserting that we are not all interchangeable consumers, but unique individuals, with our own particular motivations and experiences. To gather these stories, we will send ten activists interview questions, asking them about their lives, and what led them into taking antimilitarist action.

Who would you like to hear from? Please write to with the subject line 'The Broken Rifle 106' with your suggestions for a person taking action against war and its causes. You can also suggest yourself! They don't have to be a member of a WRI affiliate, and they do not have to be taking very visible, 'high profile' actions. We are just as interested in the people who undertake the necessary, sometimes invisible work of keeping struggles going. We look forward to your suggestions. Please include their contact details if you suggest someone else. Thank you!

For a more detailed overview of writing for WRI, please see:

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