War Resisters Stories

David McReynolds on the left, looks at a cat on the right.
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David McReynolds 1929-2018

Last week, we were sad to learn of the death of David McReynolds, the chairperson of War Resisters' International between 1986-1988.

A number of German peace organisations and peace activists have published a widely shared demand for the German government to finally join the UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty process.

WRI's Empowering Nonviolence website - a toolbox of ideas, stories and strategies from nonviolent activists around the world - continues to be updated. We have recently published new articles on blockade actions, facilitating effective activist meetings, and tips for planning a theatrical action.

On 12-18 November this year, activists from across the world are taking action against the militarisation of young people in their countries, cities and towns.