War Resisters' Stories

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Marking WRI's 100th anniversary this month

The first meeting that formed our wonderful network took place 23-25th March 1921, in Bilthoven. This was where pacifists first agreed our declaration and made plans for forming our international network.

To mark this date we're asking members of the network to:

  • Post a Broken Rifle logo on social media, using the hashtags #WRI100 and/or #IRG100, with a message explaining WRI's significance to your work, something you feel key from our history. etc, You might want to link to https://wri-irg.org/wri100
  • We think there are lots of versions of the Broken Rifle out there - we'd love to see some we haven't seen before! Over the next week, we'll upload some to a special page on our website for you to use, with some example social media posts for those with very limited time.
  • Send us a short video completing the statement "I'm a war resister because..." - we'll compile these into one video and put it out on WRI's social media.

Exhibition launch: Conflict textiles 

On 25th March, 1:30pm, join us for the opening of a "conflict textiles" exhibition curated by our friend Roberta Bacic. The details are here: https://wri-irg.org/en/event/2021-03/exhibition-launch-conflict-textiles-exhibition-nonviolence-action If you need the details for calling in to this meeting from a phone please let us know with plenty of time to set this up for your country.

The Collective Action of Conscientious Objectors (Spanish: la Acción Colectiva de Objetores y Objetoras de Conciencia, or ACOOC) is a social organization which, based around the concepts of nonviolence and conscientious objection, supports alternatives to Colombian militarism, militarization, and the patriarchy, via legal, public campaigning, and educational strategies. Since 2006, ACOOC has worked alongside young people and their communities with to cultivate a peaceful culture.

Journalist, conscientious objector, and a member of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement Ruslan Kotsaba was on trial again for a video he posted in 2015. In front of the courthouse, Kotsaba, well-known for his pacifist and antimilitarist stance, was attacked by a far-right group. WRI strongly condemns the attacks against Ukrainian Kotsaba and stands in solidarity with him as well as the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement and all conscientious objectors in Ukraine.

European Bureau for Conscientious Objection (EBCO) has released its Annual Report: Conscientious Objection to Military Service in Europe 2020. The report covers updates on conscientious objection to military service across the region of Council of Europe (CoE) during 2020.

We are excited to be preparing for WRI’s 100th anniversary! As part of it, we are working on a number of events and activities (online for now) to mark this important date.  But just as important are plans to hold a number of autonomous local events throughout the year. Here are a number of ways you can get involved and celebrate WRI's centenary with your autonomous local events.