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Three police officers with wearing helmets aim down large guns
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Whose weapons have been used against the Gilets Jaunes movement?

Our War Profiteer of the Month series normally focuses on one company - in this feature, we provide details on a number of separate companies who have all manufactured weapons used against the Gilet Jaunes protest movement in France: Brügger & Thomet, Alsetex and Verney-Carron.

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A German court has handed several former and current managers from arms company Sig Sauer suspended prison sentences and heavy fines, following their involvement in illegal shipments of 38,000 pistols to Colombia that broke German export laws.

On 10th April, members of the Amsterdam-based group “Stop the War on Migrants” took action during the annual shareholder meeting of Airbus.

Working with our friends at Vredesactie, WRI has recently published a new guide to support grassroots activists to research the arms industry in their country. The guide explores where to access accurate and up to date information on arms companies and lobby organisations.