Six years after Krajina exodus


Public statement

These days, it will be six years since another tragedy and another organized crime against civil population happened.

The military-police action of the Croatian armed forces joined with the paramilitary formations and gangs of robbers, and with the followers of Slobodan Milosevic's regime as well as with the political and logistic help of the world power-holders, led to the massive exodus of the civil population of North Dalmatia, Lika, Kordun and Banjia. The small number of civilians of Serbian nationality who, after they had put trust in the hypocritical appeal of the leader of the action - Franjo Tudjman, remained in their houses, were mostly murdered during the days that followed, by the "unknown executors".

Tudjman himself wasn't hiding his satisfaction with the successfully accomplished ethnic cleansing. The great protector of the entire serbianhood kept wisely quiet at that time. The Serbian academics, writers and self-proclaimed democrats did the same thing, those same people who, for years before that, had been inspiring the population of Krajina to blindly believe "the greatest Serb since prince Lazar", Slobodan Milosevic.

Today, Milosevic is in deen Haag, Tudjman, due to the efficient use of the well proved formula "better grave then slave", escaped the responsibility for the crimes he committed, and the academics, who have given up on their yesterday's favorite and idol, still persistently contaminate the people, spreading their intellectual misery and spiritual darkness.

The refugees from Croatia mostly live on the margins of the society, not accepted by their compatriots, especially not by those who loudly and with proud insist on their patriotism. For such kind, the marginalized Serb is obviously not the being worthy of compassion and solidarity, and maybe not even of elementary human dignity. The destiny of the Serb refugees from Krajina is the best reflection of the entire lie of the pathetic patriotism, and it also must be showing us and teaching us, once and for ever, that false fortunetellers are not to be trusted.

And until most Serbs give up on Milosevic, and also on the poison, that the ideological creators of crime and hate persistently spit - there will be no hope for Serbia. As well as there will be no hope for Croatia until most Croats realize that "The Storm" was a systematic crime committed in the name of some false national interests.

Only in increase of such recognitions lays the realistic hope that, in this area of ours, similar tragedies will never happen again. Let this sad anniversary be, to all of us, both a warning and a lecture!

We will give the peace performance for the occasion of anniversary of this exodus on Monday, august 6th, that will take place in Pancevo (the City Park, plato outside the Museum).

Women in Black - Belgrade
Women Peace Group - Pancevo
Creative Workshop - Kraljevo

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