Annotated contact and resource list


This list includes contact details and short descriptions of the work being done in the region by some groups with which WRI has regular and ongoing contacts.

  • The Balkan Peace Team, co-founded by WRI to facilitate long-term peacebuilding work in the countries of former-Yugoslavia, has a new coordination address at:

    Balkan Peace Team, Ringstr 9a, D-32427 Minden, Germany. Tel +49-571-20776; fax 571-23019; email; website
  • Balkan Sunflowers is a new iniative of people involved in the former Suncokret project in Croatia, 1992-95, and the Pakrac project in Croatia/western Slavonia. It aims to send teams to refugee camps in Albania and Macedonia to work with Kosovar refugees.

    Balkan Sunflowers, Postfach 1219, D-14806 Belzig, Germany. Tel +49-33841-30670; fax 33841-30671; email; website

  • Women's Aid to Former-Yugoslavia (WATFY) is a direct aid project based in Southampton, England. It supplied aid and facilitated training support to women in refugee camps and women's groups in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia. They are currently following up their contacts with Kosovar women now in the refugee camps.

    Women's Aid to Former-Yugoslavia, 20 Tennyson Road, Portswood, Southampton SO17 2GW, England. Tel +44-1703-551094; email
  • The international Women in Black support network passes on information from, and works in solidarity with, Women in Black Against War in Belgrade and elsewhere in the FRY.

    Women in Black, c/o The Maypole Fund, Box 14072, London N16 5WB, England. Tel +44-171-482-5670; email (WiB London) or (WiB Madrid).

  • Here is a selection of WRI affiliates which have been doing ongoing Balkans work:

    (it is not advisable at present to contact our two affiliates in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, unless you have a prior relationship and an awareness of the risks involved for them. This situation may still change.)

Link pages and other sources of background information

Some particularly useful sites are:

Institute for War and Peace Reporting at

Amnesty International at

Human Rights Watch at

There is a wealth of other Internet resources on the Kosov@ conflict and its background. A useful page of links is maintained by the Northern Friends Service Board at . Be aware that the links cover a wide range of views and do not reflect the hoster's views, or indeed WRI's.

Programmes & Projects

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